Fans and compact fans keep food fresh: from refrig­er­a­tion units to freezer storage facil­i­ties

Compact fans and fans with a long duty cycle are oper­ated in refrig­er­ated display cases, refrig­er­ated cabi­nets and bottle coolers in super­mar­kets, as well as in large cold storage facil­i­ties. EC fans with their high effi­ciency levels are becoming increas­ingly popular in this field, not least because of rising energy costs. Intel­li­gent networking options can also simplify service and main­te­nance.»

Main­taining fans, avoiding failure: predic­tive main­te­nance in the super­market

Contin­uous cooling or freezing of goods in super­mar­kets’ sales and storage areas is essen­tial for quality assur­ance. Fans play a central role here. Along­side them having the lowest possible energy consump­tion, reli­a­bility is the main focus here. If a fan fails, it is impor­tant to locate and rectify the fault quickly to prevent the cold chain being inter­rupted. Fans with intel­li­gent EC-motors provide impor­tant infor­ma­tion via the MODBUS RTU inter­face.»

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