What The Tech: Securing e-mobility with green energy?

Due to climate change, elec­tro­mo­bility is becoming increas­ingly impor­tant, the number of elec­tric vehi­cles is also increasing rapidly. There­fore, it makes sense that the elec­tricity used for them should come from renew­able energy sources. But what kind of renew­able energy sources do we have and how impor­tant are wind power plants?

When elec­tricity is processed, stored and used, heat is gener­ated and this has to be dissi­pated. That is why cooling solu­tions are needed in all stages of energy gener­a­tion. This also makes the systems more effi­cient. Let’s look at a wind power plant: The system first uses wind power to generate mechan­ical energy via a rotor. A gener­ator then converts this into elec­trical energy. This voltage is then trans­formed into medium voltage and passed on to the transfer station. From there, the power can be fed directly into the grid.

In photo­voltaic systems, solar cells convert solar energy into elec­trical energy. This energy is also fed into the power grid via an inverter. If too much energy is produced, it can be stored in batteries, for example. In contrast to old, large gas, coal or nuclear power plants, the indi­vidual systems of the sustain­able energy grid are often imple­mented in decen­tralised, remote loca­tions.

When it comes to wind power, for example, it is espe­cially impor­tant that the prod­ucts are robust and durable, as every replace­ment involves an expen­sive service assign­ment. There­fore, the fans required for cooling also have to be suit­able for outdoor use. Other­wise, harsh envi­ron­mental condi­tions such as humid mist, rain, dust or salty sea air can cause prob­lems.

For effi­cient and low-noise cooling, fans of different construc­tions are also used for the various appli­ca­tions. Starting with pitch drive cooling, the fans are also used for cooling trans­mis­sions, gener­a­tors, elec­tronics and switch cabi­nets, in the trans­former station, in energy storage and in charging stations for elec­tric vehi­cles. Ulti­mately, it’s impor­tant to keep cool head, from energy gener­a­tion to energy utiliza­tion.

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