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Open-heart retrofit

In hospi­tals, the fresh air supply in oper­ating rooms, inten­sive care stations and treat­ment rooms is crucial. There­fore, it took surgical preci­sion and steady hands to retrofit a two-meter impeller at a hospital in Ulm.

A humming heart

Two venti­la­tion systems, two fans that weigh over a metric ton each. Every hour, they take in around one million cubic meters of air and supply a hospital in Ulm with fresh air. The tech­ni­cians and engi­neers were faced with the ques­tion: How can we repair the venti­la­tion system without endan­gering the fresh air supply?

“Good air is absolutely essen­tial”

Werner Schupp, Head of Tech­nical Oper­a­tions on the impor­tance of air quality

From one to twen­ty­four

The old, belt-driven fan was removed and replaced with effi­cient RadiPac EC centrifugal fans that form a FanGrid. Thanks to their compact design, they were able to be lifted directly into the venti­la­tion system via an external lift, saving time and money.

FanGrid instead of a free­wheel fan

Installing the FanGrid only took one day. The Radi­Pacs with fixing bracket are stacked on or next to each other like cubes and are then simply screwed and wired together.

“If one fails, we still have 23”

Peter Straub, Oper­a­tions Manager Aero­texx GmbH, on redun­dancy options for a FanGrid

Safety first

Of course, the hospital saves energy thanks to the new fans, but the primary goal was to ensure safety: The FanGrid always guar­an­tees the required air perfor­mance, a major differ­ence compared to the old free­wheel fan. And an absolutely neces­sity. After all, people’s health depends on it.

The video in full length

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