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Effi­cient gas grill: Synergy relies on a system solu­tion

Gas grills from British company Synergy Grill Tech­nology are revo­lu­tion­izing the catering industry, as they grill food energy-effi­ciently and with no fat. A system solu­tion containing blower, venturi, and gas valve from ebm-papst, among other things, ensure that the heat is perfect.

Things often get heated in commer­cial kitchens. Orders pour in every minute. Chefs and waiters hardly have time to catch their breath. Every­thing has to happen quickly – after all, the guests are hungry. In this situ­a­tion, it’s good if you not only have expe­ri­enced staff but also state-of-the-art kitchen equip­ment – espe­cially when it comes to perfectly grilling large quan­ti­ties of vegeta­bles, meat, and fish.

Synergy Grill Tech­nology, based in the British village of Offord Cluny, has the right product for this: a patented gas burner grilling system that allows all kinds of food to be prepared in a very short time. The system oper­ates at extremely high temper­a­tures that even atomize fat before it drips off.

Eine Outdoor Cooking Station von Synergy Grill Technology
With extremely high temper­a­tures, the gas grills from Synergy Grill Tech­nology atomise drip­ping fat.  This makes vegeta­bles, meat, and fish partic­u­larly juicy.

This saves chefs the hassle of cleaning the grill and disposing of the fat. What’s more, the vapor released from the fat and oils during cooking is absorbed back into the food, making steaks and other treats partic­u­larly deli­cious and juicy.

Highly effi­cient grilling thanks to ebm-papst gas blower

A familiar problem with grills is hotspots, where the food cooks faster than at other points on the grill. But Synergy Grill Tech­nology has a solu­tion for this: the company relies on a specially devel­oped heat bed made of ceramic.

Ein Synergy Gas Grill, Modell ST 900 für den Gastrobereich, von Synergy Grill Technology
A ceramic heat bed and the gas blower from ebm-papst ensure optimum distri­b­u­tion of the heat. (Photo | Synergy)

Together with a gas blower from ebm-papst, it ensures that the heat is opti­mally distrib­uted and the food is cooked evenly every­where. The ceramic bed also stores a lot of heat, meaning that the grill needs signif­i­cantly less energy to stay at oper­ating temper­a­ture. Another plus point in terms of energy effi­ciency is the special gas supply. The grill system runs on a perfectly balanced gas-air mixture achieved by using a NRV 77 gas blower with venturi and gas valve from ebm-papst, which regu­lates the mixture of gas and air before combus­tion. In this way, the grill system uses up to 59 percent less gas than other burners on the market. This saves a lot of resources and costs.

The grill system not only ensures better ambient air, but also protects the chefs from burns thanks to a specially designed cooling system for its surfaces.

The system solu­tion for the effi­cient gas grill

Synergy’s grills sizzle the food with a homo­ge­neous mixture of gas (in this case natural gas or propane) and air – this is effi­cient and saves costs. Optimum combus­tion is ensured by the NRV 77 gas blower, the system solu­tion from ebm-papst, with its inter­play of blower, venturi and valve.

In the purely elec­tric version of the grill, the blower prevents elec­tronic compo­nents from over­heating by drawing in cool air. It directs the grill’s air, which is up to 180 degrees warm, to the hot plate – thus saving energy. In this way, chefs can keep a cool head despite the extreme heat of the grill – even if the next orders are already waiting.

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