Refrig­er­a­tion / Venti­la­tion

New wind for decen­tral­ized resi­den­tial venti­la­tion

In building tech­nology, demand for decen­tral­ized resi­den­tial venti­la­tion systems is increasing with growing envi­ron­mental protec­tion and energy effi­ciency require­ments. The devices installed in the façade are not only suit­able for reno­va­tion work, but are also gaining impor­tance in new build­ings. For push-pull appli­ca­tions, there are now new, energy-effi­cient fans that impress with their high effi­ciency, pleasant oper­ating noise and compact dimen­sions.»

Auto­matic reso­nance detec­tion for more oper­a­tional reli­a­bility

Today, centrifugal fans are used in a wide range of appli­ca­tions. Depending on where they are installed, reso­nances with increased vibra­tion veloc­i­ties may occur in unfore­seen speed ranges. If the fan is often oper­ated in such crit­ical ranges, the drive motors’ bearing system may be damaged, leading to prema­ture fan failure. Although these vibra­tions are measur­able for the system oper­ator, it is not easy to stop them. Auto­matic reso­nance detec­tion provides a remedy. It avoids oper­a­tion at crit­ical speeds, which increases the service life and oper­a­tional reli­a­bility of the fans»

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