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Insight into our testing centerElim­i­nating corro­sion: Test bay for salt spray

Corro­sion on mate­rial, coat­ings, and seals can reduce the service life of fans. To prevent this from happening from the outset, ebm-papst exposes them to salty air in a targeted manner.

In the testing center in Hollen­bach, fans are pushed to their limits and beyond with real-life envi­ron­mental influ­ences. New prod­ucts, sizes and compo­nents pass through the test stations in a total of six test bays over an area of approx­i­mately 2,500 square meters. In this series, we take a closer look at each of these test bays. The fifth one deals specif­i­cally with the effects of salt spray.

Fans are also used on the coast or out at sea. The air there is salty and can thus affect the service life of the prod­ucts. “Salty air affects fans,” explains Erich Kemmer, Group Leader Vali­da­tion.

Erich Kemmer and Maurice Ufer inspect protec­tive grids of fans in the salt chamber. (Photo | Lukas Zwies­sele | ebm-papst)

“However, this test bay is not about mapping their use out at sea and the resulting loads. That wouldn’t be easy to do either; after all, the salt content of the air varies and the effect on the fan also depends on factors such as the wind. Our aim is to find out as quickly as possible whether corro­sion occurs on the test spec­i­mens under the influ­ence of salt spray.”

With the salt cham­bers, we can quickly find out whether corro­sion occurs on the test spec­i­mens under the influ­ence of the salt spray.

Erich Kemmer, Group Leader Vali­da­tion

To this end, the test spec­i­mens – which can be entire fans or indi­vidual compo­nents – are exposed to a mist of salty air in closed cham­bers at the testing center. This atmos­phere does not mimic real salty air as closely as possible; instead, it in fact has a signif­i­cantly higher salt content, which can affect the fan in the real world due to the weather as well as chem­ical or climatic influ­ences. The test is primarily intended to check the quality of the coat­ings and welding points. Are they suscep­tible to corro­sion? Are seals infil­trated? Could this allow mois­ture to pene­trate the fan, the motor wind­ings, or the elec­tronics?

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