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Insight into our testing centerGive It a Shake: Test Field Shock and Vibra­tion

Rough trans­porta­tion by truck, aircraft, or ship can reduce the service life of fans before they are ever used at the customer’s premises. ebm-papst tests these kinds of shock and vibra­tion loads in the Hollen­bach testing center to prevent this from happening.

In the testing center in Hollen­bach, fans are pushed to their limits and beyond with real-life envi­ron­mental influ­ences. New prod­ucts, sizes or compo­nents pass through the test stations in a total of six test fields over an area of approx­i­mately 2,500 square meters. In this series, we take a closer look at each of these test bays. The first of these test fields deals with vibra­tion and shock loads.

In the customer’s appli­ca­tion, some fans still travel a long way – for example, by truck, train or container ship to their final desti­na­tion. The product is contin­u­ously exposed to vibra­tion and, in some cases, shock loads during this process. Depending on the type and dura­tion of the load, this can affect the service life of the fan – before it ever starts oper­a­tion at the site. The ebm-papst testing center has the test field for shock and vibra­tion to find out how these loads can affect the fan and how this can be prevented.

Shock and vibra­tion

Erich Kemmer and his colleague Haris Huseinovic examine the stations of the vibra­tion test with two current test spec­i­mens.

If it hums and rumbles

In the vibra­tion test area, the employees of the testing center mount fans and venti­la­tors on the test benches. These emit vibra­tions of varying strength and dura­tion to the product, which can occur in real use during trans­port or loading. The system auto­mat­i­cally regu­lates the ampli­tude and frequency of the vibra­tion.

In the shock test area, more force is applied: Here, the test bench directly applies indi­vidual shock pulses to the test spec­imen mounted on it. The strength, length and number of shocks are controlled by the test bench itself according to a stan­dard­ized schedule.

Mr. Kemmer, how does a shock load occur in real-life use?

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