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In drive tech­nology, we offer a wealth of expe­ri­ence and know-how for the most diverse require­ments – for more effi­ciency, intel­li­gence and preci­sion.

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Maneu­vered trans­port vehi­cles used in health care

Auto­mated guided vehi­cles (AGV) have been in use for a long time in logis­tics and manu­fac­turing divi­sions. Now they are also conquering the health care sector. Starting with trans­porting different mate­rials, such as hygiene prod­ucts, medi­cines, meals or even conveying entire X-ray systems in hospi­tals, and trans­porta­tion tasks in labo­ra­to­ries or in care facil­i­ties, the processes can be designed more effi­ciently or resources can be better utilized. Compact drive units that can be easily inte­grated into a vehicle are now paving the way for almost unre­stricted mobility in many medical appli­ca­tions.»

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