ESM fans: Robust helpers for refrig­er­ated display cases

Fresh prod­ucts have to be presented fresh. That is why super­mar­kets across the USA rely on refrig­er­ated cabi­nets from JSI Store Fixtures, whose prod­ucts use ESM fans from ebm-papst. These are so robust and reli­able that, after instal­la­tion, you do not even notice them.

When customers enter a modern super­market, they expect a wide range of deli­ca­cies: behind the shelves housing crisp apples, there are cupboards with colorful donuts and, a few meters further, there is a large selec­tion of fresh coleslaw salads.

One of the reasons that this food looks so deli­cious is due to the use of prod­ucts from JSI Store Fixtures head­quar­tered in Milo Maine, USA. They equip many super­mar­kets in the USA with shelves and refrig­er­ated cabi­nets. Along­side the perfect posi­tioning and the perfect lighting, they also keep the temper­a­ture ideal at all times.

Focus on quality

ESM fans are compact, durable and energy-effi­cient. (Photo | ebm-papst)

JSI started as a manu­fac­turer of non-refrig­er­ated displays for the super­market industry. The company expanded its range by offering refrig­er­ated merchan­disers with custom wood aesthetics to inte­grate depart­ments throughout the super­market seam­lessly. ebm-papst was involved in the refrig­er­ated merchan­disers right from the start.

“We offer our customers the highest quality and reli­a­bility,” explains Travis Smith, Director of Refrig­er­a­tion at JSI. “That’s why it goes without saying that we only use the highest quality compo­nents in our merchan­disers.” JSI primarily uses ESM fans from ebm-papst, driven by energy-saving elec­tron­i­cally commu­tated motors. They are partic­u­larly compact and durable and are char­ac­ter­ized by their energy effi­ciency.

“We offer our customers the highest quality and reli­a­bility. That’s why it goes without saying that we only use the highest quality compo­nents in our merchan­disers.”

Travis Smith, Director of Refrig­er­a­tion at JSI

On-site for fast support

Thanks to a customised wall ring, JSI can mount the fans even faster and easier in a variety of different refrig­er­ated cabi­nets. (Photo | JSI)

“Thanks to fans from ebm-papst, with the wide range of adjusta­bility the ESM fans offer, they can be used in every model refrig­er­ator we produce,” says Smith. JSI sees another advan­tage in producing fans in the USA. Eric Gleason, Distri­b­u­tion Sales Manager at ebm-papst Inc., under­lines this: “Local­izing produc­tion of ESM fans to the US has brought the supply chain closer to our customers. This is a real advan­tage that we can offer customers, providing them with more flex­i­bility and customiza­tion of their product. Local­ized supply chains allow customers like JSI to get their prod­ucts quickly and reli­ably and can also review our produc­tion process for greater peace of mind that they are receiving the highest quality product.”

Thanks to local produc­tion, ebm-papst also manu­fac­tures the fans for JSI as a complete fan assembly with the motor, blade and wall ring fully assem­bled.  . This enables JSI to install the fans in a variety of their refrig­er­ated cabi­nets even more quickly and easily. “This saves us a lot of time and work, as we can assume that the instal­la­tion condi­tions will always be the same and always be the ones we spec­i­fied,” says Smith. And once the fans from ebm-papst are installed, neither JSI nor the customers notice them. “And that”, he says with a smile, “is actu­ally the best compli­ment that I can give the prod­ucts in terms of their reli­a­bility and robust­ness.”

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