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“As far as effi­ciency is concerned, the RadiPac is unbeat­able”

Uwe Sigloch, Director of Product Manage­ment at ebm-papst, on the best all-rounder for retro­fitting – the RadiPac series.

What makes the RadiPac perfect for saving energy?

As far as effi­ciency is concerned, the RadiPac is unbeat­able. It achieves the best results in venti­lation tech­nology under any oper­ating condi­tions. First and fore­most, this is because of the Green­Tech EC motor. This has an external rotor design, which enables a high level of elec­trical effi­ciency. In addi­tion, the impeller, motor, and elec­tronics are perfectly matched. Correctly installing the RadiPac fan unit in existing systems makes it possible to achieve energy savings of up to 70 percent in compar­ison with the old units.

Is this also possible with a FanGrid?

Uwe Sigloch, Director of Product Manage­ment at ebm-papst (Photo | ebm-papst)

This is the precisely where the RadiPac is our best option for unlim­ited air flow rates. It works very well together with other units in a modular layout. In sizes 250 to 1,000, it can deliver up to 37,000 cubic meters of air per hour, and up to 2,500 pascals – regu­lated for 80,000 to 100,000 hours, depending on require­ments. Radi­Pacs that are isolated from vibra­tion are partic­u­larly well-suited for use in a modular layout.

And why is the fan so suit­able for retro­fitting?

With the RadiPac, the elec­tronics and Green­Tech EC motor form a single unit, which not only saves space, but also ensures easy instal­la­tion. All the features required for oper­a­tion have already been installed and adapted to each other. For instance, inte­grated commu­ta­tion and control elec­tronics take the place of an external vari­able frequency drive. Addi­tional elec­tronic filters and shielded cables are not required, and nor is an external motor protec­tion switch. There­fore, no expen­sive adjust­ment work during commis­sioning is required, and nor are grounding and shielding. The RadiPac is avail­able as a complete system, in a cube or support bracket. That’s how easy plug and play is!

RadiPac promises real and reli­able perfor­mance data for nominal and partial-load oper­a­tion. (Foto | Gernot Walter)

How can I, as a customer, be sure that the product lives up to its promises?

RadiPac promises real and reli­able perfor­mance data for nominal and partial-load oper­a­tion. The perfor­mance data of the whole fan is always measured using the following compo­nents: high-perfor­mance impeller, Green­Tech EC motor and control elec­tronics. This ensures optimum plan­ning reli­a­bility for air condi­tioning and venti­lation units. In addi­tion, the latest gener­a­tion of our Radi­Pacs is equipped with an intel­li­gent control system that provides added value above and beyond normal perfor­mance data.

And for which appli­ca­tions is the RadiPac most suit­able?

We always say: there’s nothing that a RadiPac can’t do – whether it’s in a data center, a restau­rant or an indus­trial facility. You really can install it anywhere.

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