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“As far as efficiency is concerned, the RadiPac is unbeatable”

Uwe Sigloch, Director of Product Management at ebm-papst, on the best all-rounder for retrofitting – the RadiPac series.

What makes the RadiPac perfect for saving energy?

As far as efficiency is concerned, the RadiPac is unbeatable. It achieves the best results in ventilation technology under any operating conditions. First and foremost, this is because of the GreenTech EC motor. This has an external rotor design, which enables a high level of electrical efficiency. In addition, the impeller, motor, and electronics are perfectly matched. Correctly installing the RadiPac fan unit in existing systems makes it possible to achieve energy savings of up to 70 percent in comparison with the old units.

Is this also possible with a FanGrid?

Uwe Sigloch, Director of Product Management at ebm-papst (Photo | ebm-papst)

This is the precisely where the RadiPac is our best option for unlimited air flow rates. It works very well together with other units in a modular layout. In sizes 250 to 1,000, it can deliver up to 37,000 cubic meters of air per hour, and up to 2,500 pascals – regulated for 80,000 to 100,000 hours, depending on requirements. RadiPacs that are isolated from vibration are particularly well-suited for use in a modular layout.

And why is the fan so suitable for retrofitting?

With the RadiPac, the electronics and GreenTech EC motor form a single unit, which not only saves space, but also ensures easy installation. All the features required for operation have already been installed and adapted to each other. For instance, integrated commutation and control electronics take the place of an external variable frequency drive. Additional electronic filters and shielded cables are not required, and nor is an external motor protection switch. Therefore, no expensive adjustment work during commissioning is required, and nor are grounding and shielding. The RadiPac is available as a complete system, in a cube or support bracket. That’s how easy plug and play is!

RadiPac promises real and reliable performance data for nominal and partial-load operation. (Foto | Gernot Walter)

How can I, as a customer, be sure that the product lives up to its promises?

RadiPac promises real and reliable performance data for nominal and partial-load operation. The performance data of the whole fan is always measured using the following components: high-performance impeller, GreenTech EC motor and control electronics. This ensures optimum planning reliability for air conditioning and ventilation units. In addition, the latest generation of our RadiPacs is equipped with an intelligent control system that provides added value above and beyond normal performance data.

And for which applications is the RadiPac most suitable?

We always say: there’s nothing that a RadiPac can’t do – whether it’s in a data center, a restaurant or an industrial facility. You really can install it anywhere.

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