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Cooling for the distillery

In a Danish distillery, it was not only the whisky that reached maximum temperature in the summer. The subsequent installation of two fans brought cooling for visitors and employees.

A striking wooden construction, gigantic glass panels, and copper stills raising their heads to the sky: for visitors to the Stauning Whisky Destillery in Denmark, even the production building from outside is a sight to treasure. However, inside the distillery, it was becoming almost unbearably hot, especially in the summer. The reason for this was the combination of the large glass panels and the mash boiling in the copper stills.

Fortunately, two ebm-papst AxiBlade axial fans have recently been installed and provide an effective solution. They cool the room down, and thanks to their sleek design and quiet operation, they neither distract from the overall impression nor bother the visitors. They are controlled automatically through the building technology, but can be controlled individually if necessary.

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