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Top banana in terms of perfor­mance thanks to an EC motor

Trop­ical Argentina SRL is truly passionate about fruit! The company is based in Buenos Aires and stores bananas and many other fruits in special ripening tunnels before ship­ping them to super­mar­kets and distrib­u­tors. For the first time, they decided to use energy-effi­cient EC tech­nology from ebm-papst to equip the latest system it had planned and built.

A passion for bananas

At Trop­ical Argentina SRL, every­thing revolves around the banana. The company develops its own ripening tunnels for storing, ripening and distrib­uting the yellow fruit. It is very impor­tant that
air circu­lates around the bananas evenly from all direc­tions. Reversible fans are required to ensure this. Previ­ously, Trop­ical Argentina used AC fans. For their new gener­a­tion of tunnels they were looking for a more effi­cient solu­tion.

is Tech­nical Director at Trop­ical Argentina SRL. When devel­oping the new ripening tunnels he was able to rely on the exper­tise of his long-standing part­ners at Julio Caamaño S.A. He is partic­u­larly enthu­si­astic about the energy savings offered by EC tech­nology.

is CEO at Julio Caamaño S.A. The refrig­er­a­tion tech­nology special­ists have been working closely with Trop­ical Argentina for many years. It is now one of the first compa­nies in Argentina to use EC motors from ebm-papst.

Custom EC motor

Together with its trusted partner Julio Caamaño S.A., Trop­ical Argentina is looking for a solu­tion and finds it at ebm-papst: an EC motor with a specially designed shaft. The ebm-papst devel­opers in Germany designed it specif­i­cally to meet the company’s require­ments.

“The speed is easy to control”

Hugo Caamaño, CEO at Julio Caamaño S.A., on the advan­tages of EC tech­nology.

Energy consump­tion cut in half!

In winter 2023, the fitters from the Argen­tine refrig­er­a­tion and air-condi­tioning special­ists installed the new fans in the new tunnels for the first time and everyone involved was impressed by the result: Thanks to the EC motors, Trop­ical Argentina can make energy savings of 50 percent.

“We simu­late the natural envi­ron­ment”

Ariel Reig, Tech­nical Director at Trop­ical Argentina SRL, on the special ripening process.

Complex process

The inter­ac­tion of air, mois­ture, and a mixture of ethylene ensures that the fruit is deli­cious and yellow, but all the para­me­ters have to be perfectly aligned. This used to be compli­cated. The simple and precise control­la­bility of the EC motors makes work easier for the special­ists at Trop­ical Argentina and ensures perfectly ripened bananas.

“Together we were able to develop the new tunnels”

Hugo Caamaño explains why the collab­o­ra­tion was so successful.

“We supported the project with our require­ments”

Ariel Reig on Tropical’s role as a devel­op­ment partner.

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