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The golfer’s favorite

With the self-driving ProCaddie RX1 the right iron is always at hand on the links — without any pulling, dragging and yanking.

It may not be able to change the weather, but otherwise the ProCaddie RX1 makes golfers very happy. Now they can concentrate on their handicaps and always have the right club at the ready, because the electric golf trolley from ProCaddie, a British manufacturer, follows them smoothly all around the course and takes care of transporting their heavy gear.

Thanks to an optimized permanent magnet DC motor with Performax planetary gear system from ebm-papst Zeitlauf, it does the job reliably and, above all, is pleasantly quiet. “The RX1 features a lightweight construction and modern design especially intended to attract young golfers,” says Paul Prescod, who supervised the project in his capacity as Commercial Director at ebm-papst UK.

The elegant design also dictated the requirements for all other components such as the motor and the battery, which had to fit in the limited space provided by the housing. “And it needed to deliver top performance and speed without draining too much energy from the battery,” says Prescod. The solution: an optimized motor winding and a speed increase from 3,000 to 5,000 rpm. That provided more power with optimum energy utilization.
With a fully charged lithium-ion battery pack, the ProCaddie RX1 has no trouble accompanying a golfer to all 18 holes — in snow, rain, storm and sunshine.

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