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The golfer’s favorite

With the self-driving ProCaddie RX1 the right iron is always at hand on the links — without any pulling, drag­ging and yanking.

It may not be able to change the weather, but other­wise the ProCaddie RX1 makes golfers very happy. Now they can concen­trate on their hand­i­caps and always have the right club at the ready, because the elec­tric golf trolley from ProCaddie, a British manu­fac­turer, follows them smoothly all around the course and takes care of trans­porting their heavy gear.

Thanks to an opti­mized perma­nent magnet DC motor with Performax plan­e­tary gear system from ebm-papst Zeit­lauf, it does the job reli­ably and, above all, is pleas­antly quiet. “The RX1 features a light­weight construc­tion and modern design espe­cially intended to attract young golfers,” says Paul Prescod, who super­vised the project in his capacity as Commer­cial Director at ebm-papst UK.

The elegant design also dictated the require­ments for all other compo­nents such as the motor and the battery, which had to fit in the limited space provided by the housing. “And it needed to deliver top perfor­mance and speed without draining too much energy from the battery,” says Prescod. The solu­tion: an opti­mized motor winding and a speed increase from 3,000 to 5,000 rpm. That provided more power with optimum energy utiliza­tion.
With a fully charged lithium-ion battery pack, the ProCaddie RX1 has no trouble accom­pa­nying a golfer to all 18 holes — in snow, rain, storm and sunshine.

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