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“We had to change the order of assembly”

Christian Lang is Head of Development at ebm-papst Zeitlauf – and an enthusiastic golfer. In an interview, he reveals what fascinates him about the ProCaddie RX1 electric trolley – both professionally and privately.

Mr. Lang, you helped to develop the drive for the ProCaddie RX1. From the viewpoint of a developer, what is so special about the electric trolley?

We used a standard gear motor, a permanent magnet DC motor with a Performax planetary gear. We had to adapt it to the customer’s drive shaft. To do so, we introduced a larger diameter than the one we typically use. Other than the drive shaft, we didn’t have to make any major changes on the drive itself – but we did have to adjust the order of assembly.

Was noise a key factor in selecting the components?

Noise was not a hard requirement since the manufacturer wanted to position the product between the premium and low-budget segments. This is why the focus was more on “design to cost.”

What was energy consumption’s role?

Of course energy efficiency plays a major role in rechargeable battery-operated devices. ProCaddie RX1 can easily finish the course on one charge. The new feature is that the trolley is a single piece: the rechargeable battery is integrated into the trolley so there are no cables. It is highly innovative. There is really only one piece. The rechargeable battery is inside the rail that supports the golf bag. You just have to take it out to charge it. The entire trolley is compact and can be folded in one movement. This makes it superior to other trolleys.

You tested the caddie on the golf course. What does Christian Lang the golfer have to say about it?

It is convenient to use. Premium trolleys offer many functions with minimum interface. ProCaddie’s solution is good. You use a wheel and a button to control the trolley. It is very intuitive. The battery is easy to replace – a fantastic feature. I think it’s missing a holder for an umbrella or score card. But maybe German golfers are different from English ones, who always have everything in their back pockets.

How is the trolley on rough terrain?

It runs smoothly. And is extremely stable, which I find fascinating. Instead of three wheels it has four. That makes it a bit stiffer in curves but helps with hilly or rough terrain. Overall, the RX1 is rugged, easy to handle, looks good and the battery holds its charge. In my opinion, it’s a perfectly successful product.

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