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“Imple­menting drive solu­tions in no time”

With the new ECI-42 modular system, users can put together a customized drive solu­tion by combining sepa­rate modules.
Johannes Moos­mann, Director of the Indus­trial Drive Engi­neering busi­ness unit at ebm-papst in St. Georgen, explains what is new and what the bene­fits are.

Mr. Moos­mann, what’s new in the ECI-42 modular system?

We’ve completely redesigned the system and added lots of details and features. For example, we now offer magnetic incre­mental encoders and indus­trial grade plugs for easy elec­trical hookup for the config­urable drives with 42 millimeter diam­eter and IP54 degree of protec­tion. We’ve designed the radial angled plug with bayonet connector so it can be rotated and snaps into place auto­mat­i­cally. An axial plug module is also avail­able for appli­ca­tions where space is at a premium. Even a preassem­bled cable connec­tion is possible.

And the drive itself?

Johannes Moos­mann, Director of the Indus­trial Drive Engi­neering busi­ness unit at ebm-papst in St. Georgen.

The extremely compact, elec­tron­i­cally commu­tated internal rotor motor with 42 millimeter diam­eter and effi­ciency of up to 80 percent is still at the heart of all config­u­ra­tions. It’s avail­able in different power outputs, trans­mis­sion designs and reduc­tion ratios, with or without encoders or brakes. What all of the drives have in common is high power density and long service life.

Which users should find the system partic­u­larly inter­esting?

Lots of them, because these indus­trial-grade drives are ideal for prac­ti­cally all appli­ca­tions that require energy-effi­cient small drives, for example indus­trial automa­tion and pack­aging systems, but also for lab and medical equip­ment. Inte­grating the encoder, brake and trans­mis­sion for auto­mated access control — intral­o­gis­tics appli­ca­tions — enables very precise posi­tioning of the drives for things like preci­sion lifting appli­ca­tions.

What makes the system so remark­able?

It’s an answer to customer requests for compact, smart drives for a wide range of purposes. And it provides customers with a number of advan­tages: faster volume deliv­eries, more cost-effi­cient solu­tions, a high level of quality, and a customized solu­tion. Using the modular system, customers can assemble a drive solu­tion that best suits their needs. This enables us to circum­vent the other­wise lengthy devel­op­ment phase typical of a specific product. Selected drive config­u­ra­tions, which we call preferred types, are ready for ship­ment within 48 hours, which means that sampling, for example, can be done very quickly.

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