The modular drive system

With the ebm-papst modular system, indi­vidual drive solu­tions can be quickly imple­mented. The modular system enables the required elements to be selected, which can be easily combined thanks to stan­dard­ized inter­faces.

Here we show you all the modules and options for the customized drive, using the ECI 63 as an example.

Gear modules

The modular system offers five trans­mis­sion types. Three plan­e­tary gears in various designs: the Noise­less Plus (for example for medical tech­nology), the partic­u­larly econom­ical Performax Plus and the robust Optimax for high torques and with over­load capa­bility. If the motor force has to be deflected around a corner, angular gear­boxes are used: EtaCrown with crown stage and the partic­u­larly compact EtaCrown Plus with addi­tional plan­e­tary stage.

Noise­less Plus

Performax Plus



EtaCrown Plus

Motor modules

The right motor is at the heart of every drive. Three different motor types (ECI, VDC, BCI) with the corre­sponding output power, instal­la­tion length and voltage are avail­able. As a prin­ciple, all motors are supplied with sepa­rated extra-low voltage (<60 volts).

ECI 63

Sensor module

Oper­ating a motor on an external controller with torque control requires a sensor that provides infor­ma­tion on where the shaft is rela­tive to the stator.

Simple rotor posi­tion sensor

Brake modules

Various types of brakes are avail­able to select from. The stan­dard is a holding brake that oper­ates using a spring force prin­ciple. However, an oper­ating current brake can also be used.

Stan­dard brake

Intel­li­gent brake

Encoder modules

An encoder is required as a sensor to perform posi­tioning tasks in the appli­ca­tion. Various stan­dards are avail­able here: 360 degree reso­lu­tion, 360 degree reso­lu­tion plus rota­tion count and customer-specific encoders, for example for Siemens controllers.

Stan­dard incre­mental encoder

Siemens-specific incre­mental encoder

Multi­turn absolute value encoder

Elec­tronics modules

Does the drive need to be able to run at speed reli­ably, master precise posi­tioning or be ready for IoT, predic­tive main­te­nance, and condi­tion moni­toring with inte­grated intel­li­gence? The modular system offers the right K-elec­tronics for each require­ment with increasing complexity.

K1 for oper­a­tion on an external controller;
analog input

K3 for inter­nally controlled speed
control; analog input

K4 for posi­tioning tasks; digital input

K5 for complex tasks; bus inter­faces: CANopen, EtherCAT, ProfiNett

External modules & further func­tions

Elec­trical hookup: straight or angled connector types, PG screw connec­tion
Func­tional safety: K4 and K5 elec­tronics offer “Safe Torque Off ”
Degree of protec­tion: the stan­dard is IP54, but IP65 can also be selected
External modules: they can also be added behind the elec­tronics (for example, a second trans­mis­sion, a certi­fied brake)

Drive system to go

A suit­able drive solu­tion, and also avail­able quickly? The modular drive system from ebm-papst makes this a reality.
Config­u­rator for drive solu­tions ➞

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