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“Our products significantly reduce energy costs”

Ralf Mühleck, Team Leader, Commercial Ventilation, is an expert in retrofitted fans at ebm-papst and always knows the right product for any project.

Mr Mühleck, retrofitting suits ebm-papst very well. Why is that?

ebm-papst is the pioneer of energy-efficient EC technology. We have years of experience, and we brought the idea to market. In recent years, we have made huge leaps forward in terms of the energy efficiency of our fans. Motor efficiency levels of 90 percent are virtually standard with our EC technology. In aerodynamics, we achieve static efficiency levels of up to 75 percent for the impeller. So, if you want to reduce energy costs with a retrofit in the ventilation system, we have the right products for you.

Efficiency is the number one priority. Why are ebm-papst products also well-suited to retrofitting?

Needs-based volume flow control is also very important. The output of all our fans can be adjusted to suit any particular application. So for example, they could run at full power during the day, but at only 20 percent at night. This allows energy savings of 30 to 40 percent, sometimes even 50 percent, over the course of a year. The speed is controlled either via a control input with zero to ten volts, or via a ModBUS signal. Also worth remembering – our fans have a long lifespan. In the typical conditions expected for a ventilation system, the fans will have a service life of 80,000 to 100,000 hours.

Which products are we talking about exactly?

Due to their efficiency, all of our centrifugal fans are generally perfectly suited for retrofitting. We often use them in a FanGrid set-up, i.e., multiple fans are installed in a fan wall in parallel. This has several advantages – reliability, flexibility, and ease of assembly and maintenance. Our integrated vibration sensors protect the fans against dangerous vibrational resonance.

How do you select the right fan?

The desired installation space, airflow rate, and static pressure loss in the unit are the most important selection criteria to consider. Depending on the project, other important criteria may include the temperature and the question of whether the fan needs to be able to cope in an explosive environment. To select the right product, we have developed FanScout, which you can use to design the ideal fan based on your boundary parameters. However, if you have any specific questions, we are also happy to support interested parties as a direct point of contact.


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