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Retrofit for the New Year

The electronics specialist Semikron wants to start the year 2020 with a new ventilation system. To ensure that this works, the installers from Kratschmayer are putting in extra shifts. The story of a retrofit between the years.

It’s gotta go!

For around 20 years, a belt-driven AC fan supplied the ventilation system for the Semikron production building with moving air. Now it is time for an upgrade. Those in charge at Semikron also see it that way: By replacing the fan, they hope for increased reliability, better control of humidity and lower power consumption.

“We wanted to increase redundancy”

Magnus Stöckl, Head of Supply Engineering at Semikron, about the reasons for the retrofit

Challenging task

The task for the installer Kratschmayer is demanding. After all, Semikron’s production can only stand still a few days between years. Otherwise, the employees there work in three shifts all year round on sensitive electronics that are produced within a narrow temperature and humidity range. No ventilation, no production – that’s why nothing can go wrong during replacement.

Preparation is everything

To ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the retrofit, Kratschmayer brings all required products to the site in advance.

Here we go

On the first day of the retrofit, the first thing on the agenda is the removal of the old belt-driven fan. The Kratschmayer team will remove it from the facility with the right equipment and combined forces.

Assembly fan by fan

Instead of one large fan, several small fans are to work in the ventilation system in the future. The Kratschmayer team installed them piece by piece. RadiPac fans from ebm-papst are used.

“The compact size creates space”.

Axel Resch, ebm-papst Regional Director Nuremberg, about the advantages of the FanGrid

On-site customization

Within three days, the retrofit team from Kratschmayer installs the FanGrids on the supply and exhaust air side and connects them to the higher-level control system.

“We save 12 percent of energy”

Magnus Stöckl, Head of Supply Engineering at Semikron, on the results of the retrofit

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