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Focus on the bene­fits

Thomas Borst, Managing Director Sales and Marketing ebm-papst group, about exotic appli­ca­tions, the impor­tance of connec­tivity solu­tions and the face-lift of the customer maga­zine mag.

From venti­lating a Baltic ferry’s car deck to gently cooling steaks in Brazil: No matter how exotic or chal­lenging the tasks are, together with our customers we always find the best way with help from our exten­sive expe­ri­ence with appli­ca­tions and effi­cient systems and our ability to think in terms of solu­tions.

As a result, today we’re already at home discussing and imple­menting connec­tivity solu­tions, for example when facing ques­tions about networking a new condensing boiler or an autonomous logis­tics system. Our goal is always to inte­grate our system solu­tions in an appli­ca­tion so as to maxi­mize the added value for our customers and the end users.

We also had added value in mind while giving our customer maga­zine a face-lift. In our new design, we tell stories that zoom in on our customers to give you fasci­nating insights into solu­tions based on our entire range of tech­nolo­gies. For even more infor­ma­tion, check out our digital sister publi­ca­tion mag.ebmpapst.com, which we’ve also reworked for use with smart­phones and other digital devices.

Thomas Borst
Managing Director Sales and Marketing
ebm-papst group

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