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“We want to top the two billion mark”

Fiscal year 2015/16 saw growth of seven percent for ebm-papst. The six managing directors tell us how they want to continue this success.

How did the last fiscal year go?

We set a record for the third straight time with sales of 1.68 billion euros, and we strengthened our technology and market leadership. We’re pleased that our customers trust in our solutions expertise and our products. Our numerous innovations were also well received by the customers.

What goals follow for you from that?

We want to continue along our path to success. For the 2016/2017 fiscal year, the ebm-papst Group plans for revenue growth of 9.3 percent to 1.836 billion euros. We want to top the two billion mark in 2019, so we’re investing around the world in new production facilities and new development centers. Our current plans call for 192 million euros in capital investment.

How will you meet the needs of customers?

We need to keep getting from customer requests to reliable, customized products quickly, and for that our motor platforms, impeller sets and product lines provide an excellent foundation for all markets. We’re improving the interplay among sales, development and production so that we can deliver suitable solutions even more quickly and continue to be perceived by customers as a technological trendsetter that provides quality and satisfaction.

How will ebm-papst confront internationalization?

Many of our customers are positioned across regions or globally. With sales teams focused on market segments, we’re adjusting to strengthening global market and customer structures to further strengthen our customer focus with speed, flexibility and a high level of technical expertise. In addition, we’re increasing efforts to build up technological expertise at our production sites abroad.

Where do you see technological potential?

With our core expertise in motor technology and aerodynamics, we can make even more progress in efficiency, noise reduction and resource conservation. We see particular potential for further development in aerodynamics and aeroacoustics. We will satisfy more complex requirements with more easily installed and highly efficient system solutions.

How is ebm-papst approaching Industry 4.0?

Many of our products are already parts of big networks and communicate with a variety of other systems. We want to continue along this path and also develop more expertise in software. We’re very enthusiastic about digitalization and are increasing our research activities there.

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