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“We can improve the efficiency of the entire system”

The new AxiEco axial fan series impresses with a high level of pressure stability — and easily meets more stringent ErP Directives. Patrick Stern, Product & Market Manager at ebm-papst, talks about the background to the new development.

Mr. Stern, how did the development of the AxiEco come about?

Patrick Stern, Product & Market Manager at ebm-papst (Photo | ebm-papst)

During development, we essentially had two aims in sight: improving pressure stability and the pending toughening of the EU’s Energy-related Products Directive. This will mean that many of the axial fans used in evaporators in the commercial refrigeration sector will no longer meet the more stringent efficiency level — above all, if they are equipped with AC motors.

And the AxiEco will meet this level?

Yes, the new axial fan series is so efficient that it will easily meet the next ErP level, even with this motor version.

What is the higher pressure stability all about?

With evaporator applications in the refrigeration sector, ice formation on the heat exchanger is an important topic. With increasing ice formation, the operating point of the fan shifts upward due to the increasing back pressure.

The new AxiEco: most efficient under pressure (Photo | Gernot Walter)

Typical axial fans with their flat characteristic curve quickly come up against their limits here — and the heat exchanger has to be de-iced. The flow machine of the AxiEco has a much steeper characteristic curve. The heat exchanger has to be de-iced less frequently. In this way, the service life of the evaporator is extended and we thereby improve the efficiency of the entire system.

What should equipment manufacturers pay attention to during replacement?

Not much, really. When it comes to the design and mechanical interfaces, we have made sure that only minimal changes need to be made on the customer’s unit. And so the AxiEco is a real plug & play solution.

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