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Trend­setter for Spanish hoods

Pando supplies its customers with excel­lent quality range hoods and is always on the lookout for the latest tech­nical trends. That is why the Spanish manu­fac­turer relies on the new Radi­Flex from ebm-papst for the blower. It makes not only the hoods but also the produc­tion more effi­cient.

For over 40 years, Pando has been devel­oping and producing range hoods in Argen­tona, a small town in front of the gates of Barcelona, the metrop­olis on the Mediter­ranean Sea, in almost all kinds of vari­eties that can be found in kitchens today: there is every­thing, from the classic built-in hood and island hoods to down­draft extrac­tors, which draw the fumes in directly down­wards at the cooktop.

Most hoods go to Spain and Portugal, but Pando also serves its customers around the world. The promise is the same every­where: Top-quality prod­ucts. Rafael Freire, Marketing Manager at Pando, explains: “Our hoods are produced very care­fully and have to pass numerous quality checks before they leave the site. We always strive to be state-of-the-art and to set new trends ourselves.”

The devel­opers at Pando always use state-of-the-art tech­nology in the range hoods and a straight­for­ward design. (Graphic | Pando)

These days, range hoods are much more than useful kitchen helpers that free the home from annoying cooking odors. They are design objects, meet addi­tional func­tions, for example by serving as a lamp at the same time, and they increas­ingly offer smart func­tions. For example, the devel­op­ment depart­ment at Pando has devel­oped a system with “AirLink” that connects the cooktop and range hood with one another. This enables the device to adjust the suction power to its actual use. With “Pando LED”, the strength and light color of the hood lighting can be indi­vid­u­ally adjusted. “Our aim is to increase the quality of life in the kitchen,” said Freire.

Sustain­able thanks to EC tech­nology

The Radi­Flex can be used flex­ibly in a wide range of hood types. (Graphic | ebm-papst)

Pando can only meet this promise by using high-quality compo­nents. The blower is key here: it gener­ates the neces­sary suction pres­sure to dissi­pate the kitchen fumes. It needs to be as quiet as possible and consume little energy, which is increasing in impor­tance. Although range hoods are not in use around the clock, there is still poten­tial to save on current consump­tion here too. This is why the new EU energy effi­ciency marking does not forget these house­hold appli­ances. Sustain­ability is of great impor­tance to Pando’s self-image: “We place great impor­tance on sustain­able and envi­ron­men­tally friendly produc­tion. That is why our envi­ron­mental manage­ment system has been certi­fied to ISO 14001:2015.” There­fore, for long time now, the Spanish hood experts have used energy-saving EC tech­nology for the blowers. “We have been working with ebm-papst solu­tions for 15 years. The collab­o­ra­tion and tech­nical consul­ta­tion have always been and are always good,” says Sergio Seña, Head of Purchasing and Oper­a­tions.

Flex­ible solu­tion, stream­line produc­tion

That is why the devel­opers at Pando did not have to think for long when they found out about the new Radi­Flex. With it, ebm-papst has devel­oped a highly effi­cient, high-perfor­mance blower that can be flex­ibly inte­grated into a wide range of hood designs. “We first tested the blower in two models whose perfor­mance we wanted to improve more.” The inte­gra­tion was very simple, as Seña confirms: “We did not have to make any adjust­ments, the size of the blower and the connec­tions were compat­ible with our existing models.” The only chal­lenge was program­ming the extrac­tion hood so that the blower can fully utilize its bene­fits and the noise level remains minimal at maximum power. “But our engi­neers were able to solve this with a soft­ware adap­ta­tion,” says Seña.

We plan to use the Radi­Flex in more than 20 different models: the flex­i­bility of the blower makes our produc­tion much easier and our customers get more effi­cient devices with better perfor­mance.

Sergio Seña, Head of Purchasing and Oper­a­tions

The overall result convinced Pando’s devel­op­ment depart­ment: the air flow and pres­sure are signif­i­cantly higher with lower energy consump­tion, the noise gener­a­tion is lower and the energy clas­si­fi­ca­tion is outstanding. Now Pando is already working on inte­grating the Radi­Flex into other range hoods from the range. “We plan to use it in more than 20 different models: the flex­i­bility of the blower makes our produc­tion much easier and our customers get more effi­cient devices with better perfor­mance,” says Seña.

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