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Promoting True Progress

Thomas Borst, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at the ebm-papst Group, looks back on the last fiscal year and talks about the importance of developing energy efficient products.

One of our key issues last year was further improving our customer service. Our new logistics center in Hollenbach embodies this goal. After all, increased revenue goes hand in hand with growth in the volume of logistics tasks for ebm-papst. The center ensures that we can provide our customers with the comprehensive service they expect from Hohenlohe: quick, no-delay delivery, perfect packaging and safe transport. The plant’s energy efficiency is lower than the legal requirements for new buildings by over 80 percent, supporting our claim to be a forerunner in this issue.

And we are not alone – the development of energy-saving technologies is continuing to pick up speed. Not only in Europe, but also in the USA and Asia, the issue plays a key role in the future direction of our customers – and governments as well. In China, for example, the focus has shifted from a purely quantitative view of growth rates to the qualitative development of industry.

We support this stance. In order to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement, the world requires highly efficient technology. We must consider all components here, because increasingly efficient components lead to more efficient overall systems. This is why we welcome the next stage of the EU directive on energy-related products, which is driving investment and innovation by regulating devices and components. We are convinced that legal requirements like this promote true progress.

Thomas Borst

Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at the ebm-papst Group

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