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Promoting True Progress

Thomas Borst, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at the ebm-papst Group, looks back on the last fiscal year and talks about the impor­tance of devel­oping energy effi­cient prod­ucts.

One of our key issues last year was further improving our customer service. Our new logis­tics center in Hollen­bach embodies this goal. After all, increased revenue goes hand in hand with growth in the volume of logis­tics tasks for ebm-papst. The center ensures that we can provide our customers with the compre­hen­sive service they expect from Hohen­lohe: quick, no-delay delivery, perfect pack­aging and safe trans­port. The plant’s energy effi­ciency is lower than the legal require­ments for new build­ings by over 80 percent, supporting our claim to be a fore­runner in this issue.

And we are not alone – the devel­op­ment of energy-saving tech­nolo­gies is contin­uing to pick up speed. Not only in Europe, but also in the USA and Asia, the issue plays a key role in the future direc­tion of our customers – and govern­ments as well. In China, for example, the focus has shifted from a purely quan­ti­ta­tive view of growth rates to the qual­i­ta­tive devel­op­ment of industry.

We support this stance. In order to achieve the targets of the Paris Agree­ment, the world requires highly effi­cient tech­nology. We must consider all compo­nents here, because increas­ingly effi­cient compo­nents lead to more effi­cient overall systems. This is why we welcome the next stage of the EU direc­tive on energy-related prod­ucts, which is driving invest­ment and inno­va­tion by regu­lating devices and compo­nents. We are convinced that legal require­ments like this promote true progress.

Thomas Borst

Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at the ebm-papst Group

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