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Swim­ming pool venti­la­tion: Turn on, tune out

From swim­ming pools to spas, air condi­tioning systems from Mollerus allow both
guests and oper­a­tors to relax. The devices fit the needs of both perfectly

Let’s leave the world of tech­nology behind us for a moment and take a relaxing break at a spa. Here at the edge of the swim­ming pool, it is warm and cosy. The water invites you to take a dip and fall off the planet. Simply lay back and enjoy the soft sound of the waves lapping against the edge of the pool. Take a deep breath and relax …

Ok, that’s as far as this text can go without talking about fans, so back to busi­ness. That’s because the Green­Tech EC tech­nology from ebm-papst plays a deci­sive role in many swim­ming pools around the world in creating a comfort­able and tran­quil relax­ation expe­ri­ence. It ensures the right temper­a­ture and extracts unwanted humidity. Ridvan Cehic is Managing Director of Mollerus GmbH, a company with just 13 staff based in Meers­burg on the banks of Lake Constance, and knows how impor­tant the bene­fits of EC tech­nology are for his sector.

“We specialise in systems for hotels and private users”, he says. “Here, we supply fully auto­matic venti­la­tion blocks that are completely tailored to the needs of swim­ming pools.” His devices take all the neces­sary measure­ments in the room that are required to regu­late the air supply and extrac­tion via the contin­uous, speed-vari­able fans. The venti­la­tion blocks control the temper­a­ture using heat recovery, with the system removing humidity using outside air or a heat pump, depending on the instal­la­tion situ­a­tion.

“We listened very closely when selecting the fans.”

Ridvan Cehic, Managing Director of Mollerus GmbH

An oasis of tran­quil­lity in the spa Mollerus’ devices are all produced for contin­uous oper­a­tion. They have to run for at least five hours per day to create the right climate condi­tions. The running time also depends upon how long the pool or spa is open, for example, as well as whether the pool is covered or not. To allow guests in search of relax­ation to enjoy the pool in comfort, disrup­tive noises must be prevented at all times.

“We listened very closely when selecting the fans”, says Cehic. “We came to the conclu­sion that using multiple smaller fans in our units would generate less noise than a large fan of the same output.”Aside from a few excep­tional cases, no addi­tional noise reduc­tion measures were required – a clear cost advan­tage. The second advan­tage of this deci­sion was that Mollerus could offer its venti­la­tion blocks as modular systems, with up to eight energy-saving Green­Tech EC fans. “This means we can provide our customers with precisely the right unit for any size of room”, says Cehic. The EC blowers designed for Mollerus run quietly, ensuring a relaxing atmos­phere and allowing spa guests to enjoy their visit.

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