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Quiet please!

A loud venti­la­tion system was a headache for the teachers and the pupils at the Back­askolan in Malmö, Sweden. Then came Martin Jörgensen, a tech­ni­cian from Cave­rion, to quiet things down.

The Back­askolan in Malmö is actu­ally a pretty idyllic place to go to school. The school is situ­ated in Sege Park, offering its 250 pupils a bit of nature in the middle of the Swedish metrop­olis. But things were anything but idyllic in the class­rooms in recent months, with teachers and pupils regu­larly leaving the building in the after­noon with their heads buzzing. At fault was not any kind of diffi­cult subject matter, but the loud venti­la­tion system. It had seen better days and was as noisy as any steamship, making teaching almost impos­sible.

Retrofit with RadiFit

The school admin­is­tra­tors were aware of the problem, but were at first unable to find anybody who could solve it. Not knowing how to fix the problem, various service providers rejected the job. Only Martin Jörgensen was able to help. He is a tech­ni­cian with Cave­rion Sverige AB, and when his facility manage­ment coworker contacted him with the request from the school in Malmö, he took a close look at the droning venti­la­tion system. “The fans were out of balance,” he recalls. “That made them vibrate, which caused the loud noise.” It quickly became clear to Jörgensen that replacing the fans was the only way to quiet things down. So he contacted Jan Sörensen at ebm-papst in Sweden. “As I always do in cases like that, I called Jan. He suggested two possible prod­ucts, and I decided on the RadiFit centrifugal fans,” recalls Jörgensen. “The previous fans were also double inlet fans, and the dimen­sions were a good fit as well.”

No vibra­tions, no noise

Now two RadiFit fans make sure things stay quiet in the Back­askolan. “Their offset blades reduce noise emis­sions,” says Sörensen. “Their mount­ings are sound­proofed, and the impeller-rotor unit is dynam­i­cally balanced. That mini­mizes struc­ture-borne noise and ensures low vibra­tion levels. With their scroll hous­ings and back­ward-curved blades, the units also facil­i­tate an ideal pres­sure increase and high effi­ciency at high pres­sures. That keeps the class­rooms depend­ably venti­lated.

Silence sounds so good

Fitting in the new fans Martin Jörgensen had to be quiet flex­ible. (Photo | Martin Jörgensen)

Replacing the fans was child’s play for Martin Jörgensen because they can also be mounted without a flange. “One of the fans installed a bit too high for the existing opening, so I just mounted it without a flange and that worked just fine,” says the expe­ri­enced tech­ni­cian. “That’s how it’s always been with fans from ebm-papst. They’re easy to install; I’ve never had any prob­lems.” He was able to start up the new RadiFit fans on the school’s roof quickly and easily using their central terminal area for different connec­tions, and without having to make any para­meter settings. He is not the only one who is happy with the results. “After we restarted the venti­la­tion system with the new fans, I went to see the teachers in the class­room,” recalls Jörgensen and has to laugh. “At first they couldn’t believe the system was even running, because you couldn’t hear anything anymore.” Obvi­ously every­body is relieved and looking forward to days of teaching without headaches — at least not from the venti­la­tion system.


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