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Quiet fans in the bathroom

In the search for peace and quiet, Silvento fans from LUNOS make you yearn to be in your bathroom.

Your coworkers are phoning loudly again, or chatting right in front of your cubicle, and constantly somebody’s coming by with questions — and you’re supposed to concentrate on your work? Impossible. What to do? Head for the bathroom, because there’s one thing you can be sure of there: peace and quiet — at least when a Silvento fan from LUNOS Lüftungstechnik GmbH is keeping the air fresh. This product line features extremely low noise and the highest pressure increase for its size. The fans also excel with their low power consumption. “Energy efficiency had top priority while we were developing it,” says Michael Merscher, technical director at LUNOS. “After all, this is the parameter that decides how well our fan will do on the market.”

Energy efficiency had top priority during the development.

Michael Merscher, technical director at LUNOS

LUNOS was quick to recognize how important the issue would become, and in the fan and motor manufacturer ebm-papst they found the right partner: its EC centrifugal blowers are installed in the Silvento fans. A completely customized product that both companies developed together over a period of three years. The effort was worth it. With its prize-winning fan series, LUNOS is now a market leader.

Little space, lots of power

Limited space was a special challenge for the development partnership. “Our customers want fans that are quiet and can reliably transport the required air volumes,” says Michael Merscher in describing the requirements. “They also need to always deliver the same performance in different installation scenarios without complicated settings,” he adds. To save space, ebm-papst separated the motor controller from the fan. Now it can simply be placed wherever enough space is available without blocking the air flow. That makes installation easier.

Thanks to electronic control, the fans can also be customized with various control options such as sensors for humidity detection so they can ensure a pleasant bathing – or working – environment.

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