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This Black Forest clinic helps

The Katharinenhöhe rehabilitation clinic accompanies children and teenagers on their path to recovery. ebm-papst in St. Georgen has been supporting this commitment for more than ten years

Modern medicine has made gigantic advances in recent years. Many illnesses that used to be regarded as incurable can be treated today; however, this often involves great physical and mental burdens for the patients. These strike children and teenagers particularly hard. Their families also shoulder a heavy burden in this process. The Katharinenhöhe rehabilitation clinic in the Black Forest has specialised in precisely such cases. The goal of the project is to ease the often painstaking path to recovery for young patients and their families. By means of a diverse therapeutic offering, the specialist succeeds in opening new prospects to the patient despite the difficult situation.

After all, the young patients at the Katharinenhöhe aftercare facility have a lot to laugh about

In this task, the Katharinenhöhe clinic relies on dynamic support of every kind. For this reason, ebm-papst in St. Georgen has been in a partnership with the institution since 1998. The occasion for this was a change in thinking at Christmas. In that year the managing directors decided to send business partners only greeting cards instead of presents, and in the card they referred to a worthwhile social project. The amount saved for the presents went entirely to the benefit of the Katharinenhöhe clinic, which was being built at the time. This donation enabled the institution to afford a transport vehicle, an important part of the clinic infrastructure. The action went over so well with our business partners that now some of them also belong to the supporters.

Although some projects have been added since then, ebm-papst still continues donating to the Katharinenhöhe clinic every year at Christmas. “It was important to us from the beginning for this to be more than just a one-time action”, comments Peter Metzger, Manager of Business Development and Marketing in St. Georgen. “The commitment of the people at the Katharinenhöhe clinic has simply earned long-term support.” In this way, over the years, the clinic has been able to acquire things such as important therapy equipment, a concert grand for the music room and a high rope course. This year as well, the donation will be used to make the everyday life of the young patients somewhat more colourful.

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