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They keep running and running…

For many years now, the ebm-papst Marathon has been the Hohenlohe region’s premier sporting event

It was almost destiny: Right when the “Polizeisportverein Hohenlohekreis”, a regional police sports organisation, was searching in 1999 for a high-profile sponsor for its annual marathon, the desire to get involved in the field of running was growing at ebm-papst. This would be a way to strengthen our ties with the region – and naturally the endurance sport fits particularly well with the long-lasting products of our company. The organisation and the company simply joined forces and the “ebm-papst Marathon” was born. No marriage of convenience, but a genuine marriage for love – and the success story has continued ever since. ebm-papst assumes the primary sponsorship role here in addition to supporting many organisational operations. Moreover, many trainees actively participate at the event as hard-working helpers.

ebm-papst also attracts top runners: Jan Fitschen (middle), winner of multiple Deutsche Meister races, won the 10K. Left and right: Christian Strauch and Dennis Weikum take second and third place

At last year’s event more than 3,500 runners reached the finish line and over 10,000 spectators made sure they were there to take it all in. After all, it isn’t just the sport that attracts them, but also a unique supporting program where provision is made for culinary as well as musical joys. When running through an exciting obstacle course, the sponsor run, even the youngsters have a chance to shine. They even do something else good in the process, since for each loop around the 80-metre course ebm-papst makes a donation for a charitable purpose in the region. Every year this adds up to over 5,000 EUR. A considerable share of the visitors also comes from beyond the actual core region. “Each year we send 60,000 invitational flyers to sporting clubs throughout all of Germany and to our international subsidiaries,” explains Arne Haag, Project Manager at ebm-papst. “Therefore we’ve already had colleagues from the USA and Japan at the event, who often bring along customers who are keen on sports.” In 2012 a total of 162 employees ran. For many it is a great opportunity to meet and greet outside of the business environment for a change.

Amid all of the international character, the regional ties are very important: Nearly all the helpers and additional sponsors come from the Hohenlohe region. The Waldenburg sport school also gets involved as a partner and has used the marathon as a large training day for trainee physiotherapists. Professional massages bring life back to many exhausted legs. Like-wise, regional clubs assume responsibility for catering and other items in the supporting program. That is good teamwork, which is sure to guarantee full success again this year at the 18th occurrence of the event.
More information at www.ebmpapst-marathon.de

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