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License to teach

ebm-papst UK offers officially recognised advanced training seminars

ebm-papst has become the first fan manufacturer to offer officially recognised advanced training seminars in Great Britain.

Layout of the new client centre

An hour’s drive north-east of london is where the new information heart of ebm-papst UK has been beating since June 2009. It is from here that the benefits of EC technology are broadcast. The newly established Client Centre in Chelmsford offers modern facilities for presentations, exhibitions and especially seminars. Here, for example, building planners and engineers learn how they can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. And participants here also make sure that they keep their licence. In the United Kingdom, many professional associations insist that their members undergo continuous professional training. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) means that they have to demonstrate a certain number of hours every year. ebm-papst UK uses this obligation specifically as a chance to teach end customers and their consultants more about ways of saving energy with EC technology. The British subsidiary is the only fan manufacturer with the official licence to offer CPD seminars.

EC: One link in the savings chain

“We are trying to transmit a message that goes beyond our products,” says Managing Directors David Jarvis, explaining the underlying idea. “What benefit can the end customer draw from EC technology? For example, that it can be used to keep food in supermarkets fresher for longer.” The target group for the seminars are primarily energy managers, buildings managers, hotel managers. “Anybody who has anything to do with paying bills,” explains Jarvis. Well knowing that everybody who takes an overall view of energy efficiency will benefit from the seminars. Even architects and engineers can learn about the numerous benefits that GreenTech EC technology will bring their customers. lower energy costs, lower maintenance costs, quieter climate control systems, resulting in hotel guests having a more relaxing night’s sleep, for example. It is clear that EC is just one link in a greater chain of effects. “With efficient systems you can make the greatest savings. These are greater than those that can be achieved with EC motors alone. We have some compelling stories to tell, but to do so we have to look beyond our own horizon – that’s the challenge,” stresses Jarvis.

Faster on the market

The effort is worthwhile. ebm-papst also gains enormously from the seminars. If you know what a customer’s customer needs, you can tailor your products precisely to these needs. “We are currently learning a great deal. This knowledge will enable us to put the right products onto the market much faster.” In addition, the energy-efficient brand is also expanding onto the markets of the end customers – and they are demanding equipment with GreenTech, the future-oriented EC technology from their suppliers. That is something else that David Jarvis knows. “We are changing from pushing to pulling our products.”

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