Gaining, sharing and using experience

Thomas Borst on knowledge transfer at ebm-papst.

Dear readers,

Every day we gain experience in many different applications – from cruise ships to inhalers for horses. An existing technology that we gain experience with in one sector can be a true innovation in a different sector, offering customers there a way to stand out from their competitors. But for that to be possible, the proverbial left hand has to know what the right hand is doing. Here at ebm-papst we work to make sure that information that flows in at one place can be transferred to other applications. We have established processes at the customer interface to allow the freedom of movement required for this transfer.

At the same time, our product toolbox provides the general capability to combine a wide range of impellers, motors and other technologies to match many different customer requirements. A good example is the micro-CHP unit from Flowgroup: This solution owes its success not least to the ability to match the motor technology of a BG 43 with the NRG 118 blower system. Another example of this transfer are the RadiPac centrifugal fans, which have proven themselves in everyday air conditioning use and are now holding their own in tough conditions at sea.

This broad experience in the use of energy-efficient products was also the reason MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS approached us in their search for a team partner for ventilation technology. In this issue, you can read about the solutions our partnerships reached in these and other projects.

Thomas Borst
Managing Director Sales and Marketing ebm-papst Group

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