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Embodying regional responsibility

ebm-papst Landshut's great involvement has anchored it into the region

ebm-papst Landshut shows great commitment. The company’s involvement has anchored it into the region.

“As one of the major employers in the area, regional responsibility is very important to us,” stresses Stefan Brandl, Managing Director of ebm-papst landshut. That wasn’t always the case. Even though the regional roots have been cherished at its home base in Mulfingen ever since the company was founded, a series of changes prevented a similar development in Landshut. In 1997, “Elektrobau Mulfingen” (ebm) acquired the Alcatel factory and renamed it “Motoren Ventilatoren Landshut” (mvl). Six years later, the group was reformed and mvl became ebm-papst landshut. Bernd Truntschka, an ice hockey legend who was born in Landshut, says aloud what many people at the time thought: “After these changes, nobody really knew what ebm-papst really stood for in landshut.” not least because the predecessor companies showed less interest in the surrounding area. A lot has changed since then.

More than money

Since 2003, the company has stopped giving customers gifts at Christmas. Instead it makes a donation to the Friends of St. Marien Paediatric Hospital. The local ice hockey team has been sponsored since 2005. Ice hockey – in part thanks to Truntschka – is something of a tradition in Landshut. The “Cannibals”, the professional team of the EV landshut ice hockey club, play in the German second division. The company’s commitment is expressed not only in paid shirt and perimeter advertising. Over the years, a valuable cooperation has developed, a cooperation that also benefits employees. When ebm-papst in landshut was forced to introduce short-time working during the economic crisis, the workforce supported the decision. As thanks, the company invited every member of staff to a Cannibals match. The team was delighted with the interest. “ebm-papst is now a permanent fixture in Landshut,” says Bernd Truntschka, who is now manager of EV Landshut.

For sustainable training

Parallels between the company and the club can be seen when it comes to promoting youth talent. Both are committed to sustainable training. One perfect example is Tobias rieder. The 17-year-old shooting star of the Cannibals pressed ahead with his training as an industrial clerk at ebm-papst at the same time as he pursued his ice hockey career. He has now moved on and plays for one of the top teams in Canada. The fact that he sometimes needed time off for ice hockey training? “That was worth it for us,” says Brandl. The people of landshut have now learnt to appreciate the company. That could be seen from the esteem that Brandl enjoyed at the ebm-papst-initiated Junior Cup, which was held in September together with the football section of the landshut-Berg sports club. The crowd applauded both the junior kickers and him: as stadium announcer.

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