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“Does innovative technology have to be expensive?”

Gunter Streng on the necessity of an overall con­side­ration of the system

Energy efficiency and material efficiency are fixed global objectives for the future. The second stage of the ErP directive has been in force in Europe since the beginning of the year, but standards and efficiency goals have also been set down outside Europe as well. Whilst ebm-papst once played a pioneering role in this development, the idea has now spread throughout all areas of fan technology. Our AC motor ranges, led by the flagship “68” model, have since been joined by the mechanically compatible GreenTech EC motor ranges. These provide our customers with an easy way of converting their applications from conventional AC to energy-efficient GreenTech EC technology.

Innovations in product development have vastly improved the material and resource efficiency of our products. Technologies such as composite materials and hybrid structures have been created and introduced into series manufacture. Our modular product ranges offer customers even greater benefits such as “Plug & Play” connection, reduced assembly costs and the avoidance of efficiency losses and noise emissions resulting from maladjusted motor-impeller-nozzle combinations. They include products from our RadiFit and pellet stove fan ranges.

Consideration of the motor efficiency and fan aerodynamics incidentally also reveals great potential in terms of unique selling propositions. Our engineers can still find plenty of scope for innovation in the areas of aerodynamic efficiency and aeroacoustics. To further enhance this “best available technology” in customer applications it is important to focus on the system as a whole, in other words the “customer device”. Replacing AC components with EC components (e.g. compressor, fan, pump,…) on a 1:1 basis generally makes the system more expensive, as electronics are required in addition to the “motor” as drive component.

Overall consideration of all the components in the system and the creation of a combined electronic and mechanical assembly are necessary to be able to eliminate redundancy through the use of suitable individual components with an appropriate design. It is then possible to reduce the total costs of the customer device. The full expertise of ebm-papst in all key technical areas – motor technology, aerodynamics and electronics – is called upon to put this next evolutionary step into practice.
We offer our customers expert support to help optimise their devices in terms of aerodynamics, aeroacoustics and EMC when using our products. We work out the best possible solutions together with our customers.

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