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“Does inno­v­a­tive tech­nology have to be expen­sive?”

Gunter Streng on the neces­sity of an overall con­side­ration of the system

Energy effi­ciency and mate­rial effi­ciency are fixed global objec­tives for the future. The second stage of the ErP direc­tive has been in force in Europe since the begin­ning of the year, but stan­dards and effi­ciency goals have also been set down outside Europe as well. Whilst ebm-papst once played a pioneering role in this devel­op­ment, the idea has now spread throughout all areas of fan tech­nology. Our AC motor ranges, led by the flag­ship “68” model, have since been joined by the mechan­i­cally compat­ible Green­Tech EC motor ranges. These provide our customers with an easy way of converting their appli­ca­tions from conven­tional AC to energy-effi­cient Green­Tech EC tech­nology.

Inno­va­tions in product devel­op­ment have vastly improved the mate­rial and resource effi­ciency of our prod­ucts. Tech­nolo­gies such as composite mate­rials and hybrid struc­tures have been created and intro­duced into series manu­fac­ture. Our modular product ranges offer customers even greater bene­fits such as “Plug & Play” connec­tion, reduced assembly costs and the avoid­ance of effi­ciency losses and noise emis­sions resulting from malad­justed motor-impeller-nozzle combi­na­tions. They include prod­ucts from our RadiFit and pellet stove fan ranges.

Consid­er­a­tion of the motor effi­ciency and fan aero­dy­namics inci­den­tally also reveals great poten­tial in terms of unique selling propo­si­tions. Our engi­neers can still find plenty of scope for inno­va­tion in the areas of aero­dy­namic effi­ciency and aeroa­coustics. To further enhance this “best avail­able tech­nology” in customer appli­ca­tions it is impor­tant to focus on the system as a whole, in other words the “customer device”. Replacing AC compo­nents with EC compo­nents (e.g. compressor, fan, pump,…) on a 1:1 basis gener­ally makes the system more expen­sive, as elec­tronics are required in addi­tion to the “motor” as drive compo­nent.

Overall consid­er­a­tion of all the compo­nents in the system and the creation of a combined elec­tronic and mechan­ical assembly are neces­sary to be able to elim­i­nate redun­dancy through the use of suit­able indi­vidual compo­nents with an appro­priate design. It is then possible to reduce the total costs of the customer device. The full exper­tise of ebm-papst in all key tech­nical areas – motor tech­nology, aero­dy­namics and elec­tronics – is called upon to put this next evolu­tionary step into prac­tice.
We offer our customers expert support to help opti­mise their devices in terms of aero­dy­namics, aeroa­coustics and EMC when using our prod­ucts. We work out the best possible solu­tions together with our customers.

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