Built on a foundation of good ideas

Thomas Borst on the power of ideas and trust

Dear readers, last year we celebrated 50 years of ebm-papst. On such an occasion it is quite natural to reflect upon the secret of the company’s success over the past five decades. Innovations have certainly played an important part. But they are far from being a matter of course. They are the product of creative, technologically-minded ideas thought up by members of our company – and brought to life by customers who pick up on these ideas. One particular driving force over the years has been the motto of the company founder – namely that every product we bring onto the market should be economically and ecologically superior to its predecessor. That is why we develop products which both help to protect the environment and are of real benefit to the people who use them. Our customers have always supported us in our efforts with many valuable contribution towards putting innovations into practice. This expression of confidence and cooperation has often been crucial to the success of our ideas. And so it is also thanks to our customers that ebm-papst was honoured as Germany’s Most Sustainable Company at the end of last year. The project in Chennai (India) presented in this issue is an excellent example of an innovative working relationship. For the first time in India, one of our customers used our EC fans to create a space and energy-saving FanGrid – and played a pioneering role in doing so. We too are always on the look-out for pioneers and support their efforts, as outlined in the report about the Sollektor – a system for transporting daylight. With your assistance, we look forward to spending another 50 years developing a whole host of new ideas and innovative products.

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