Built on a foun­da­tion of good ideas

Thomas Borst on the power of ideas and trust

Dear readers, last year we cele­brated 50 years of ebm-papst. On such an occa­sion it is quite natural to reflect upon the secret of the company’s success over the past five decades. Inno­va­tions have certainly played an impor­tant part. But they are far from being a matter of course. They are the product of creative, tech­no­log­i­cally-minded ideas thought up by members of our company – and brought to life by customers who pick up on these ideas. One partic­ular driving force over the years has been the motto of the company founder – namely that every product we bring onto the market should be econom­i­cally and ecolog­i­cally supe­rior to its prede­cessor. That is why we develop prod­ucts which both help to protect the envi­ron­ment and are of real benefit to the people who use them. Our customers have always supported us in our efforts with many valu­able contri­bu­tion towards putting inno­va­tions into prac­tice. This expres­sion of confi­dence and coop­er­a­tion has often been crucial to the success of our ideas. And so it is also thanks to our customers that ebm-papst was honoured as Germany’s Most Sustain­able Company at the end of last year. The project in Chennai (India) presented in this issue is an excel­lent example of an inno­v­a­tive working rela­tion­ship. For the first time in India, one of our customers used our EC fans to create a space and energy-saving FanGrid – and played a pioneering role in doing so. We too are always on the look-out for pioneers and support their efforts, as outlined in the report about the Sollektor – a system for trans­porting daylight. With your assis­tance, we look forward to spending another 50 years devel­oping a whole host of new ideas and inno­v­a­tive prod­ucts.

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