A calcu­lated strategy for diver­sity

Thomas Borst on revenue growth and construc­tion projects

Dear reader, This issue of our customer maga­zine impres­sively shows the wide range of appli­ca­tions in which ebm-papst prod­ucts are used – from the ValueShelter protec­tive container, with its combi­na­tion of safety and air-condi­tioning tech­nology to a heat pump dryer and a tran­quil spa. Is this wide diver­sity an end in itself or is it just coin­ci­dence? The answer is neither. This is the result of a calcu­lated strategy, as a wide diver­si­fi­ca­tion gives us stable ground on which to stand.

For you as a customer, this creates two main bene­fits. Firstly, you know you can put your trust in us as a reli­able partner and supplier for the long term. Secondly, this wide range of appli­ca­tions creates a huge store of expe­ri­ence that we can call upon in your projects. We can take tech­nology that has proven itself in one market and use it effec­tively for our customers in others. Last year, this successful tech­nology transfer led to us being chosen by Formula 1 team MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS to support and advise them on energy effi­ciency.

All our customers benefit from our knowl­edge in this area. Working together, we are constantly striving to improve. This will be reflected in our product range in 2015. You can also look forward to new aero­dy­nam­i­cally opti­mised solu­tions, such as new wheel impeller tech­nolo­gies for venti­lation and air condi­tioning that allow for even greater energy savings.

When our company was born, founder Gerhard Sturm made it one of the busi­ness’ prin­ci­ples that every new product should be more effi­cient and more envi­ron­men­tally friendly than its prede­cessor. This model for success has continued to bear fruit to this day. Even at the ripe old age of 80, the company founder still makes sure that we stay true to this prin­ciple. I hope you enjoy reading this edition!

Thomas Borst
Managing Director Sales and Marketing ebm-papst Group

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