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“We have climate control in our cars but in bed we still freeze and sweat”

What ensures a good night’s sleep? Barry van Doornewaard worked hard to find an answer to the question. He calls his answer “FreshBed.” It’s a bed with an integrated climate control system that creates the optimal conditions for sleep.

What was your inspiration for FreshBed?

I have worked in the bed sector for 25 years and I was getting bored – there were simply no genuine innovations. Then I ran across some studies asking Europeans about the major causes of interrupted sleep. They were stress and personal problems, followed by noise and the wrong bed climate. We have climate control in our cars but in bed we still freeze and sweat. This is why we started to develop a bed that simply eliminates these disturbing factors.

Were there any other requirements?

Yes, we also wanted to help people with health problems: 80 percent of all people with allergies are allergic to dust mites. With FreshBed, the bed, cover and pillow all stay dry as a result of constant ventilation. It reduces the relative humidity by 50 percent and prevents dust mites from nesting in the bed. We worked closely with universities during the development phase to find out more about optimal sleeping and skin temperatures.

Exactly how does FreshBed work?

Using sensors, we measure the temperature and humidity and automatically optimize them. Our patented system consists of modern climate control technology. We positioned it underneath the mattress and use a HEPA filter to protect them against dust. The most important task is to keep the temperature constant. We generate a thermo-neutral zone between 27 °C and 29°C under the covers. That is the perfect temperature for falling asleep quickly and staying asleep during the individual REM sleep phases. The proper temperature can improve deep sleep by 50 percent.

Sensors and modern climate control technology generate a thermo-neutral zone between 27 °C and 29°C under the covers. (Photo | FreshBed)

You use a fan from ebm-papst – why?

Our selection process was not easy. We tested a total of 50 fans from different manufacturers. And the one from ebm-papst is simply durable. Quality was key for us: after all, the fan would have to run around the clock for the next 10 years. Of course its high energy efficiency and low noise emission also played important roles. It took us a long time to perfect the insulation around the fan – five years! Now it is actually a bit too quiet, because it is more pleasant to have a little noise in the room. Of course when we tell customers that a fan is installed in the bed, they are afraid that it will be too loud. So we achieved a solution that functions entirely without noise.

What is the outlook for FreshBed’s future?

Our main goal is to improve sleep in order to improve health. This is so essential! That’s why we primarily supply luxury hotels around the globe, but also sell our beds to private customers. Right now we’re looking for the best partner for the German market. Also, hotels are looking for solutions to improve air quality in their rooms.

With FreshBed we create a space of clean air. That’s why I would maybe like to work with dedicated suppliers of high quality ventilation and climate control technology for hotels. Climate control even in luxury suites is still somewhat outdated most of the time. And we know all about airflow and temperature, and above all, how people perceive them in a room and change them. Working together we could improve air quality and reduce air pollution in the rooms by 50 to 60 percent.

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  • FreshBed is the first climate-controlled bed system in the world and delivers the best and most healthiest sleep ever. Contact me for more details regarding Germany and the United States now. My phone number is +1 (305) 767-7276. Thank you!

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