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Unique air handling solution for exclusive shopping mall

A change of atmosphere in the shopping centre

Sandton City is one of Johannesburg’s largest and most exclusive shopping centres. In the course of its modernisation, a new air handling concept was developed employing 140 RadiPac fans from ebm-papst.


The RadiPac spider type is the best alternative for smaller sizes as this unit can simply be screwed to the device wall

The modular Viking air handling units had to be adapted to the particular conditions and different installation situations encountered. This involved the development of five differently dimensioned units with three modular sections each.

An ideal air supply is provided by RadiPac fans with a diameter of 400 mm. These were installed in the form of a vertical wall in a typical FanGrid and can be individually regulated to suit the installation location and the required air supply by way of a 0-10 V control signal.

The manufacturing process was extremely straightforward, as all the RadiPacs are of a standard size with identical impellers and motors. Maintenance work is also reduced to a minimum by not having to adjust any belt drives.

The crux of the matter:

The Viking solution shows just how important it is to have highly efficient motor technology, optimised aerodynamics and intelligent control electronics all working in perfect harmony. This is the key to creating concepts which set new standards. EN_RLT_technical data

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