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In hotel rooms, fan coil units keep the temper­a­ture comfort­able. Green­Tech EC centrifugal fans ensure that guests and hotel managers sleep well – because they’re quiet and save energy

Twelve-hour flight. Finally get to the hotel. Check in and then take a little snooze. The room is pleas­antly cool, in contrast to the warm night outside. But there’s no chance of getting to sleep: The air-condi­tioning unit under the window is droning endlessly. Then a little less cooling will just have to do. The room gets warmer, but the noise remains. The recep­tionist apolo­get­i­cally shrugs his shoul­ders and offers you another room with modernised air-condi­tioning tech­nology. Absolute silence rules there. And yet it is comfort­ably cool. No air-condi­tioning unit is in sight.

Good climate, low costs

The air-condi­tioning tech­nology is inte­grated into the ceiling in the entrance area. The cooled air flows into the room through a narrow grille. And it does so without any sound at all. Concealed behind the venti­la­tion slots there is a convector, which is called a fan coil unit. It consists of a Green­Tech EC centrifugal fan and a heat exchanger. The fan circu­lates the room air and causes it to flow over the heat exchanger. In summer it cools using cold water, and in winter it heats using warm water. This way the room temper­a­ture can be controlled as desired. If the systems are connected to air ducts, they bring in fresh air. Air-condi­tioning devices installed under the window also use fan coils to circu­late and control the temper­a­ture of the room air. In hotels, the devices are switched on an average of 292 days a year, usually in partial-load oper­a­tion. As impor­tant compo­nents, there­fore, effi­cient fans are partic­u­larly in demand. Invest­ment in new fan coil units with Green­Tech EC centrifugal fans pays off: They get by with up to 70 percent less energy. “As a result, the extra invest­ment for Green­Tech EC tech­nology is amor­tised in a short time,” empha­sises Uwe Sigloch, Venti­la­tion and Air-condi­tioning Tech­nology Market Manager at ebm-papst. Aside from this, the compact fans can be quickly and easily inte­grated into the existing air-condi­tioning tech­nology as a pre-assem­bled plug-and-play solu­tion.

Wonder­fully quiet

The centrifugal fans have outputs between 40 and 250 watts for inte­gra­tion into air-condi­tioning systems. They deliver air volumes of up to 2,200 cubic metres per hour. Depending on the room size, there are indi­vidual, twin or triplet fans avail­able with various motor outputs. The objec­tive is to generate the most uniform air flow possible. If only one fan with high output is used, the outflow is too limited to one loca­tion. For very large spaces, multiple indi­vidual or double centrifugal blowers are combined and then work in parallel. Green­Tech EC centrifugal fans master their task reli­ably and quietly. The fan unit consisting of impeller, motor and control system, specially tuned to one another, signif­i­cantly reduces the noise level. The light­weight but robust plastic hous­ings not only protect the convec­tors, but also act as acoustic insu­la­tion. By means of infi­nitely vari­able control, the hotel guest can easily adjust the room temper­a­ture to his or her personal needs. Then there is nothing more to stand in the way of a restful sleep – so your meeting can start as planned the next morning.

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