“Energy costs are a considerable cost factor”

From building heating systems to building hotels: Robert Rentzsch talks about the role of energy efficiency in his Abasto project

You are a heating engineer by trade. What prompted you to build a hotel?

At the beginning, we had actually planned to build a warehouse for our heating engineering business. At the same time, however, we wanted to do something for our hometown of Gernlinden. In the process, we thought about various options for how we could make additional use of the land. Possibilities included a youth centre, an ice cream parlour, and even an Italian restaurant. In the end we settled on a hotel. The single-storey building that we originally planned ended up as two storeys.

interview rentzsch

Robert Rentzsch having a talk with editor Sebastian Stamm

How long did it take to get from planning to implementation?

The actual construction took only ten months, which was very ambitious. But it took two years total to get from planning to completion. The development and planning phase took about half of that time.

Did you include the heating and cooling system in your plans from the outset?

As a heating contractor, of course, I am very much aware of these topics and looked for an energy-efficient solution from the outset. Beforehand, Kampmann showed me relevant hotel projects that use the company’s technology. Before then, I had mostly worked with Kampmann in the floor convector area – that goes back many years.

What is the greatest challenge in a hotel?

The flexibility. The system has to be able to start up extremely quickly. A floor heating system, for example, is not versatile enough for this application. Therefore, I decided on the system from Kampmann, as it meets the specified requirements.

And saves a great deal of energy in the process, right?

Exactly. That was definitely the critical factor that made me decide in favour of this solution. Energy costs in particular are a considerable cost factor in a hotel.Therefore, from the beginning, my foremost priority was keeping the operating costs low. I was drawn in by the fact that the heating or cooling originates at the same place it is used, rather than centrally. Thus no energy is lost along the way to the destination. Another appealing feature of the fan coils is their very quiet performance. This also keeps hotel guests happy.

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