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Neighing instead of barking!

Clear airways for horses: A salt Inhaler from the Estonian company Plastpuit provides support for animal health.

As far back as the Middle Ages monks appreciated the healing effect of a salt inhalation. The augmented water vapor relieves coughs, clears a congested nose and moistens irritated mucous membranes. What’s beneficial for people must also be pleasant for animals – at least that’s what one of the customers of Plastpuit OÜ thought. Up until now he used the salt inhaler from the Estonian company as a remedy for his asthma. Finally, he asked himself whether it could also help his horse to take a few deep breaths. Lo and behold: The horse coughed the mucus out of its bronchial tubes.


The horse inhaler in use.

This idea prompted Plastpuit to test various components for a horse inhaler together with its Finnish business partner Polar Health. Based on the inhaler for people that already existed, they developed the therapy device further for animal patients – and equipped the portable breathing apparatus with a radial fan from ebm-papst. Veiko Proos, Regional Director of ebm-papst Estonia, is pleased with the cooperation and explains: “The rugged radial fan from ebm-papst runs very quietly and reliably, and is therefore a permanent part of the inhaler. The therapy device from Plastpuit went into series production at the beginning of this year.”


The portable breathing apparatus with a radial fan from ebm-papst.

Its use frees the horse’s lungs of mucus and bacteria: The horse owner places two teaspoons of salt in the lower cylinder of the device and closes the lid. At the press of a button an air stream is generated that swirls up and heats the salt granules inside the container. The resulting friction produces a fine salt dust which is blown into the mask through a hose. It can be fastened quite easily to the halter and surrounds the horse’s nose during the treatment. As the inhaler is made of high-quality plastic and acid-resistant steel, it is resistant to corrosion and easy to clean after use. Regardless of whether it’s in a stable box or out on the farm, horses can inhale the salt particles anywhere – completely without side effects. This respiratory therapy is frequently used for race horses to increase their performance. However, regular treatment also helps older horses breath more easily. Especially in Scandinavia, several horse owners already swear by the effectiveness of the salt dust.

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  • Miriam on said:

    How much does the salt inhaler for horses cost and where can I get it?

    • philippnadig on said:

      Dear Miriam,

      Thank you for your comment. The Company is called Plastpuit OÜ.
      Here are the contact Details:

      Rapla tee 7
      79601 ALU, Rapla vald

      Mr. Andri Sinka
      Phone +372 5059341
      Email andrisinka@gmail.com

      Best regards,
      Your mag°-Team

  • Stephen Whyte on said:

    What’s good for horses must be good for people. Humans, inhale salt and get rid of your mucous.

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