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A fragrant idea!

The Aura 4.0 Ambient recirculation hood from Miele is a feast for the eyes and the nose alike.

It hangs over the kitchen island like a designer light. The Aura 4.0 Ambient immediately draws the eye thanks to its unusual design and it is delicately hung from the kitchen ceiling by four thin wire cables which also supply power to the hood. When the Aura is activated, it extends its wings and shows off the illuminated surface to best effect. Customers can choose from individual color shades in order to create the perfect lighting atmosphere, especially in open living concepts. There are plenty of things about the hood that will wow you – it has been designed with your comfort in mind. You might think all this would be extraordinary enough – but no! The Aura 4.0 Ambient is more than just easy on the eye.

All in one product

“In our product range, the Aura 4.0 Ambient combines an extremely striking design with technical innovations,” states Mareike Kanowski, product manager for recirculation hoods from Miele, the world’s leading supplier of premium household appliances. At our specialist factory in Arnsberg, this hood combines an abundance of innovations – some of which have already been patented.” What is it that makes it such a unique product in the market, though?

Air that smells

Say goodbye to unpleasant kitchen odors and hello to elegant fragrances – the Aura 4.0 doesn’t just absorb cooking smells, but also releases subtle aromas into the air once you have finished cooking and enjoying your food. No other hood can do that! With the AmbientFragrance function, customers can choose from three different aromas – created by perfumers from Provence. An axial compact fan from ebm-papst distributes the fragrances from the capsules to the surroundings.

According to their wishes, both cook and guest can feel as though they have been transported to another world: a summer garden with orange and jasmine, a French bakery filled with the aroma of coffee and pastries, or a fresh breeze of mint and eucalyptus. The FreshplexTM technology also neutralizes unwanted cooking smells. The contents of the capsules can provide wonderful scents for up to 150 hours. Like any other hood function, times and intervals can be individually controlled using the smart technology of the Miele@mobile app.

“In our product range, the Aura 4.0 Ambient combines an extremely striking design with technical innovations.”


A great feel for the perfect surroundings

HumidityBalance ensures that moisture produced during the cooking process is absorbed by a special filter and released at the optimum time. (Photo: Miele)

The Aura 4.0 not only ensures a pleasant indoor atmosphere when it comes to aroma – it also reliably absorbs moisture in addition to grease and odors. “The HumidityBalance dehumidification function is our most important innovation from a technical perspective. There is currently no system on the market that is comparable when it comes to recirculation hoods,” states Mareike Kanowski. It’s an ingenious idea: a special filter absorbs the moist air. An intelligent sensor then measures the temperature and air humidity and determines the perfect time to release the moisture back into the room – little by little so that the surrounding air can absorb it again. Including using a fan.

For this purpose, the sensor activates another product from ebm-papst at appropriate intervals: a backward-curved centrifugal fan. “ebm-papst has been a highly esteemed partner of ours for more than 25 years,” states Mareike Kanowski. “This is why we decided to use blowers from ebm-papst’s product range for our most innovative recirculation hood in the premium segment.” The centrifugal fan ensures a sufficiently high air performance with ultra-quiet noise levels and low energy consumption. This is particularly important when it comes to the Aura 4.0 Ambient, as the island hood is located in an open home environment. A complete concept in terms of visual appearance and technology which made a real impact at the IFA 2019 – and had the sweet smell of success as well!

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