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In the spotlight

The products from Robe put every event in the right light. The Czech company is using fans from ebm-papst for its state-of-the-art product generation

The music starts up and the people rave. But what would a concert be without the attendant light show? Spotlights shine with all kinds of brash colours, perform sophisticated light choreography and cast spectacular images onto the wall. Light show specialists can do all of this and more with the movable lamps and other lighting products from Czech manufacturer Robe. The products have now gained a home worldwide: at trade fairs, on concert stages and even in television shows such as Germany’s reality talent show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, the local version of “Pop Idol”. “With its many new developments each year, this market is naturally very promising,” describes Aleš Jakubec, Managing Director of ebm-papst Czech for the lighting sector. “That is precisely what makes it interesting for us as well. For that reason, it was very important for us to gain Robe as a customer.”

Persuasive performance

Even the Pussycat Dolls show doesn’t make the lamps from Robe overheat

Contact with Robe arose in 2005 when the company was searching for some useable fan for the LightDome system. This outdoor lamp is surrounded by a weatherproof plastic foil. To prevent the foil from coming into direct contact with the hot lamp, it is kept under pressure by a fan. Robe wanted to work with an axial fan, but Jakubec analysed the application and suggested using a centrifugal fan. At first Robe’s developers were still a little sceptical as to whether these AC fans would meet their requirements. “Not only must they be high-performance and work without failing, they also must not negatively impact the function of the sensitive spotlight electronics,” explains Jakubec. “This is why Robe subjected some samples to rigourous testing.” Above all, the G 2 E140 scored points by operating quietly with a minimum of vibrations. Moreover, the fan won out because it is easy to integrate (and control), has a low overall height and is manufactured from a lightweight material similar to that of the lamps.

Since then, other DC compact fans have proven themselves in these applications, primarily for cooling LED lamps in a wide variety of various spotlights. Ales Jakubec is satisfied: “We reckon that the lighting sector will grow into one of our most important business areas in the next years.”

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