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“These machines are incred­ible”

Chris McPhail, Regional Sales Manager at ebm-papst Inc., talks about his passion for Formula OneTM, the co-oper­a­tion between ebm-papst and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motor­sport and his latest impres­sions from the track.

What inter­ests you most about Formula OneTM racing? Do you have a favorite race?

Chris McPhail, with his colleagues Ali AlKa­dumi andMartin Scarafile at the F1 race in Montreal.

The speed, power, and engi­neering that goes into the design of these machines is truly incred­ible. The design and aero­dy­namics of the car are so vital to success or failure and the slightest adjust­ment to the wing or nose of the car can mean the differ­ence between a podium finish or not. Circuit de Monaco gets a lot of praise and would be awesome to visit – the road courses are a lot more inter­esting and certainly strategy plays a bigger role with the various hairpin turns – makes passing a lot more chal­lenging.

What is your impres­sion of the part­ner­ship between Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motor­sport and ebm-papst?

It certainly seems to be a bene­fi­cial one to both parties. Seeing the ebm-papst product in the garage to cool the vehicle’s system and elec­tronics while they are working on it to the stand-alone fans on the floor circu­lating the air for the garage crew is impres­sive. Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motor­sport indi­cated that the move to ebm-papst prod­ucts has improved the team’s ability to work on the vehicle under more extreme condi­tions and push the vehicle to its limits.

Like a lot of successful busi­nesses, there is a large team behind the scenes that really helps bring every­thing together.

Chris McPhail, ebm-papst Inc.

What was the most impres­sive thing about the Montreal race this year? What did you learn?

We had the oppor­tu­nity to go into the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motor­sport garage in Montreal and have a tour of what goes on behind the scenes. The indi­vidual that gave the tour mentioned that we were the 1 percent of the 1 percent that get to see the car and work­ings of the team from this vantage point. There is so much R&D that goes into the design of these vehi­cles as each team is constantly looking for that advan­tage over the compe­ti­tion. Most of what you see on TV is primarily the race itself and the driver – like a lot of successful busi­nesses and compa­nies, there is a large team behind the scenes that really helps bring every­thing together.

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