Fresh impetus for racing cars

Since the start of the 2014 World Championship season, Formula One has been flying the flag for energy efficiency. To keep ahead of the competition, championship favourite MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS decided to team up with ebm-papst.

Hybrid drives replace roaring eight-cylinders, efficiency rather than refuelling – Formula one has changed direction: Following a complete overhaul of the regulations, this year’s World championship will no longer be a platform for powerful internal combustion engines. instead, Formula one will be demonstrating how modern drive technology can combine high performance with maximum efficiency. “Formula one represents the pinnacle of automotive innovation. And that means an obligation to explore the technological boundaries,” says MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS team boss Toto Wolff in praise of this development. “The new rules will not only promote this type of innovation but will also help the sport to develop along the same lines as the automotive industry”. A sophisticated hybrid energy recovery System (ERS), is a significant new development, with up to seven different energy recovery paths within the car achieving 750 horsepower with a third less fuel than was used previously.

And for the racing team, sustainability means more than just the car. Therefore, it was a logical decision to turn to ebm-papst for fresh ideas: engineers from the two companies are working
together to develop cooling concepts for the racing cars with the explicit aim of then incorporating the beneficial effects into series production. “We are delighted that MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS
is showing so much interest in our sustainable technology and that we are able to play a part in the Formula one re-orientation process,” explains rainer Hundsdörfer, chairman of the Board of directors of the ebm-papst Group. “From our point of view this partnership represents an investment for the future, as MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS is currently setting new standards in the field of aerodynamic efficiency.”

A boost to efficiency

Initial results are very encouraging. ebm-papst solutions are now being used to maintain stable temperatures within the race cars between runs (read more on the next page). There are plans to introduce additional specific cooling and heat extraction solutions over the course of the season. But this is only part of the long-term team partnership agreement. Aerodynamics and energy efficiency are key elements within the development teams of MercedeS AMG PeTronAS and ebm-papst so it is natural that both teams are starting to exchange ideas and explore opportunities for performance gains in these areas.

And the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory in Brackley, England will soon be reducing their energy consumption through the use of energy-efficient ventilation systems from ebmpapst. “I am convinced that this partnership will be to our mutual benefit,” sums up rainer Hundsdörfer. Being a true motoring enthusiast himself, he will be supporting the team more keenly than ever in the future.

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