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Spring edition: thanks to all #fans­pot­ters!

Fans and motors from ebm-papst are at work in many of the machines and systems we see every day. Where have you noticed our prod­ucts?

At the hotel on holiday, in a soccer stadium or at your local super­market, prod­ucts from ebm-papst can be found every­where – if you keep an eye out for them. So we were looking for your finest, oddest or most unusual photos of ebm-papst prod­ucts in action.

Many Thanks for your partic­i­pa­tion!

You can find the five “awarded” winners of the Amazon Echo Dot in the gallery below.

Terms and condi­tions of partic­i­pa­tion, notes on data protec­tion

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  2. Only natural persons of adult age are eligible to partic­i­pate.
  3. The contest begins on Monday, February 3, 2020 and ends on Thursday, April 30, 2020.
  4. Five (5) Amazon Echo Dot speakers will be given away.
  5. Partic­i­pa­tion takes place through the submis­sion of a photo along with the infor­ma­tion requested in the entry form on this page. Submis­sions posted after conclu­sion of the contest are excluded from partic­i­pa­tion.
  6. By taking part, the partic­i­pant grants to the orga­nizer the non-exclu­sive and royalty-free right to publish the photo/text on the Internet at https://mag.ebmpapst.com and on the social networks used by the orga­nizer (Face­book, Twitter, LinkedIn and Insta­gram). By taking part, the partic­i­pant confirms that he holds all rights to the submitted photo.
  7. The winners will be randomly selected after the contest ends. The winners will be noti­fied by e-mail. The e-mail serves only to notify the winner and contains no further offers or promo­tions. The winner must respond to this e-mail within 5 working days. If the winner does not respond within this period, a new winner will be selected from all partic­i­pants.
  8. To the extent that no reten­tion or limi­ta­tion periods to the contrary apply, the data provided by the partic­i­pant will be used for the dura­tion of the contest and deleted after final comple­tion of the contest. For other infor­ma­tion about how we use the personal data you provide, see our privacy policy.
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