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Tandem on four wheels

The tandem pump from ebm-papst reduces the fuel consumption of the latest generation of the Mercedes Benz A-class.

When car lovers talk about the latest generation of the Mercedes Benz A-class, topics often include its chic interior or its innovative voice control system. But hidden under the hood are many refinements to reduce fuel consumption that are just as important for the overall package. One such refinement is a tandem pump from ebm-papst, tandem because it actually consists of two individual pumps.

That means it can take on two jobs at once. When the automatic start/stop system is activated, the tandem pump ensures that the transmission remains well lubricated even when the engine is off. And it assists the dual-clutch transmission with gear switching as needed.

When no assistance in shifting gears is needed, the corresponding half of the pump can be switched to idle by changing its direction of rotation. On that note, have a good trip!

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