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“Working with people who like to tinker with things is impor­tant to us.”

Thomas Borst, Managing Director Sales and Marketing ebm-papst group, about the wide range of appli­ca­tions that use our prod­ucts and the impor­tance of compa­nies of any size.

If you read our most recent arti­cles, you can learn about an auxil­iary air condi­tioner for trucks, cooling for the lasers used in light shows and about cooling optical fiber network nodes. The wide range of appli­ca­tions you can discover bears witness to your trust in our prod­ucts, for which I want to take this oppor­tu­nity to thank you. Only this trust makes our success possible and gives us the chance to address such a variety of market segments and appli­ca­tions.

The case of a cleaner for LP records shows how enthu­si­astic we are about finding solu­tions for exotic appli­ca­tions. Working with people who like to tinker with things is impor­tant to us. As a large company, we constantly benefit from the new perspec­tives and different thought processes offered by such coop­er­a­tion. Not only does this give us inspi­ra­tion, it also expands the expe­ri­ence and exper­tise that help us to find ideal solu­tions for all of our customers.

That’s why we make a point of working with compa­nies of all sizes and also satis­fying the needs of rela­tively “minor” compa­nies, and that’s why I’m calling on you to chal­lenge us here as well.

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