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Where will the personnel of tomorrow come from?

Ralf Sturm on the challenges in personnel policy

The job market is undergoing major changes. Companies are confronted with new challenges in personnel policy. Ralf Sturm, the Mulfingen-based Manager of HR Services, explains how ebm-papst handles these challenges.

What is ebm-papst’s personnel policy?
our locations are in areas with a more rural structure and thus we have always been dependent on the ability to pursue a very active personnel policy. We achieve this, for example, by consistent realisation of vocational training courses and a variety of qualification programs. For this reason and others, ebm-papst has highly motivated employees with an exceptional bond to the company.

What are the biggest challenges today?
Industry is noticing decreasing numbers of applicants in the vocational training sector due to the trend to higher educational qualifications. Already foreseeable demographic developments will further reinforce this trend. For a company in a rural region, this means that the existing resources must be used even more consistently so as to secure our own young talent and thus the existence of the company. We have the advantage here that we have always had to win over our employees with criteria other than the attraction of a metropolitan area — and have done so with success. Especially in terms of co-operation and the way we personally interact with one another, we offer something that cannot be taken for granted.

How will young talent development be different in the future?

We will intensify our young talent development, but the content will not change significantly. in order to attract the required skilled workers even in a shrinking market, we will continue to develop and implement innovative vocational training courses and qualification programs in co-operation with other companies in the region. the close contact with the educational institutions and universities in the region that has developed over several decades is also very helpful in that regard.

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