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What’s the spade for, Mr. Schallock?

Dirk Schallock, managing director of ebm-papst St. Georgen, talks about the new test centre

Mr. Schallock, what are you building here?

On 17 July we held the groundbreaking ceremony for our new test centre in St. Georgen, which is due to open in the second half of 2014. We are investing more than two million euro in this project.

And what will you be testing?

The centre will enable us to measure the acoustic and aerodynamic properties of our products in their application environment, for instance in vehicles or in telecommunications devices. The test centre is to be constructed on the so-called room within a room principle. In other words, the measure­ment area is mechanically isolated from the building, thus permitting extremely accurate measurements to be taken without any interference from vibration for example.

Why go to such trouble?

In future, the test centre will allow us to perform psychoacoustic noise analysis for example. Understanding of positive acoustic sensations can give us a competitive edge. Equally important is the analysis of the aerodynamic properties of new products with a view to constantly improving their performance and energy efficiency. Our customers insist that our products and concepts should satisfy ever higher standards in terms of performance, reliability and quiet operation. As a leading technology supplier, we meet these challenges with our highly qualified development work, which in turn helps to secure jobs at the plant.

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