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What is being built here, Mr Brandl?

Stefan Brandl, Managing Director of ebm-papst Land­shut, on the new logis­tics centre

The exca­va­tors in Land­shut will be working soon?
Yes, we’re expanding the loca­tion. In April we will begin the earth­works for a new logis­tics centre that will be brought into oper­a­tion in 2013.

ebm-papst is investing 11.5 million EUR in this. What do you hope to gain from it?
We don’t primarily want to renew only our logis­tics; rather, for us it’s about getting more space for produc­tion. We have grown very dynam­i­cally over the past few years at the land­shut loca­tion, but have no possi­bility space-wise to grow any more right at the loca­tion. And before we build a second produc­tion site in land­shut, we would rather have logis­tics have their own centre. so we are designing it to be very effi­cient and we can use the vacant space for growing produc­tion.

Plan of the new logis­tics centre

What advan­tages does this bring to the customers?
Primarily it gives us greater effi­ciency, by reducing the number of ware­houses, for example. We have planned the logis­tics centre so that we can store mate­rial for produc­tion and also all finished prod­ucts that are produced so that we can bring them directly to the customers. Although our delivery quota is already at a very high level of 97 percent adher­ence to quan­ti­ties and dead­lines, this will give us a nudge towards being even quicker and more flex­ible.

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