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What is being built here, Mr Brandl?

Stefan Brandl, Managing Director of ebm-papst Landshut, on the new logistics centre

The excavators in Landshut will be working soon?
Yes, we’re expanding the location. In April we will begin the earthworks for a new logistics centre that will be brought into operation in 2013.

ebm-papst is investing 11.5 million EUR in this. What do you hope to gain from it?
We don’t primarily want to renew only our logistics; rather, for us it’s about getting more space for production. We have grown very dynamically over the past few years at the landshut location, but have no possibility space-wise to grow any more right at the location. And before we build a second production site in landshut, we would rather have logistics have their own centre. so we are designing it to be very efficient and we can use the vacant space for growing production.

Plan of the new logistics centre

What advantages does this bring to the customers?
Primarily it gives us greater efficiency, by reducing the number of warehouses, for example. We have planned the logistics centre so that we can store material for production and also all finished products that are produced so that we can bring them directly to the customers. Although our delivery quota is already at a very high level of 97 percent adherence to quantities and deadlines, this will give us a nudge towards being even quicker and more flexible.

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