German Design Award for fan

Energy-saving fan for evaporators receives Special Mention

At the German Design Award 2016 the energy-saving fan for evaporators by ebm-papst has been given a “Special Mention” award in the “Energy” category. This award is given to products with a design that has especially successful aspects or solutions. The jury praised the fan’s outstanding design quality. “A highly-functional, cleverly designed product. Its strengths are a high degree of effectiveness, a particularly high level of reliability, and a long lifespan,”

Gunter Streng, Head of Development A at ebm-papst Mulfingen, received the award on February 12 in Frankfurt.

The energy-saving fan developed specifically for evaporator applications.

The energy-saving fan developed specifically for evaporator applications.

“We are thrilled with the award, because not only does the fan consume 30 per cent less energy, it also saves about 50 per cent in material in the manufacturing process. We already made this a top priority in the design.”

The energy-saving fan was designed as a complete unit. This reduces the amount of steel and copper used by half, compared to conventional solutions with internal rotor motors.

The German Design Award, initiated in 2012, is one of the most widely acclaimed design competitions in the world that today enjoys an excellent reputation well beyond the circle of experts. 3,400 submissions were presented to the Jury in 2016. Gold, Winner, and Special Mention awards are given in each of the competition categories.

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